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The last time we were at our house in France was two and a half years ago. So what would be in store for us, well we have a chap who keeps the garden under control so it was OK in that respect, some trees and bushes needed to be brought back under control, and of course it was not exactly the right time of year for that so some was done and some remains for another day.

We did the Portsmouth /Caen crossing it was nice to see this iconic landmark on the way down.


Cracks in the walls we always get them but this crack was a two and a half year sized crack, it is now repaired. Our little garden shed or chalet if you want to be posh needed a new sheet of felt on the roof and a coat of preservative but it is OK now.

In the house we found, as always, lots of dead flies and wasps and bees and some mouse droppings and bigger, maybe dormice but this time there was a dead Beech Marten on the floor. It did not smell it was rock hard and I suspect had died probably two years ago. We used to see them in the garden some evenings but that was 25 years ago and I have not seen one for a good twenty years or so. This means they are obviously still about, well unless that was the last one.

Ex Beech Marten

We had a visit from the Marie and he brought us a present and it is a house number which is evidently based on our plot number and it will be of use in the future for the post and internet???? That is what he said. I wonder why the post lady will need a number in the future when she has coped perfectly well for the last 30 years. Hey ho.


More progress we have 4 wind turbines across the way so the view form the end of our plot now includes these and as well as watching the sun go down and enjoying a glass of Pinneau or G and T we will be able to watch the electricity being made. I dont have any great problems with them, better than having a nuclear power plant for a view. Also the French air force are now practicing really hard every weekday and making lots of buzzing noise. They were always a feature but now they are a pain.

I went walk about a couple of times and photographed flowers and birds and I saw some Red deer and some butterflies, all very nice but the lake where I go was very low on water.

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We have a bird box which I put up some years ago and it had some moss near the entrance so I stuck my finger in….as you do and I encountered what felt like a furry head so I withdrew my finger quite quickly. The next day more moss so I repeated the exercise and this time it felt like two fury heads. I  watched several evenings but they always gave me the slip I am guessing it could be dormice.

Bird? Box


We had a day in Fouras on the coast and enjoyed the Fruit de Mer also a couple of other meals out —- not on the same day of course, but on other days and locally..


Eating at home was largely al fresco as the weather was really good however we were bombarded by caterpillar shit and also abseiling caterpillars who presumably descend to earth when fully grown in order to pupate and then hatch into moths or Sawflies. We have a large Oak tree overhead of out patio/eating out area.


So that’s it and jolly good it was too.