Restaurant du Pecheur; St Trojan, Ile d’Oleron

TRestaurant du Pecheur2his is a fairly small restaurant situated on the port at St. Trojan on the Ile d’Oleron.  The port consists of an inlet from the sea where the flat bottomed barges that go out to collect the oysters tie up and the restaurant is one of a line of restaurants and bars which can be found on both sides of the narrow inlet.  The Pecheur has a covered terrace as well as the interior of the restaurant and just a few tables on the other side of the little road which fronts the restaurant which are in the sun and right next to the water.  On a sunny and warm day in the last week of September we were not about to waste any sunshine and were pleased to get  one of these tables!

They have a range of 3 course menus all of which looked quite tempting but we both decided to opt for the Assiette du Pecheur which offered a half crab, 6 oysters, 6 bulots and 6 langoustines for 23 euros 60.  Obviously the plate required no particular cooking skill but the crab was exceptionally tasty, the bulot were large and moist, the oysters were of excellent quality, and the bread which accompanied it was fresh and crusty so they couldn’t really have done more!

There was just one waitress serving all the tables- all of which were full – and she was managing to do that with efficiency and great good humour.

The setting was idyllic – helped obviously by the glorious weather – but given that the cooked dishes which I saw being delivered to other tables all looked very good I would recommend this as a good  place for a meal on this part of the island.

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