Hotel De La Barriere, Chabanais.

Chabanais; Hotel De La Barriere 16 rue des Halles 16150 Chabanais  05 45 89 11 09 

Good value restaurant opposite the level crossing in Chabanais offering a menu du jour inclusive of a 1/4 litre of wine for 11.50 euros. The restaurant is of contemporary style and was almost full when we turned up at 1 p.m. On offer was the inevitable buffet of salads and charcuterie offering a reasonable choice, a main course of either duck strips with chips or turkey steaks with salsify, cheese and a selection of desserts.  We both went for the duck which was a little dry and not terrribly exciting.  The cheese board was left on the table and was adequate but not startlingly good.  The desserts were the standout item.  My husband had a peach and almond tart and I had a chocolate pear and custard tart both of which were very good and clearly house made.  Coffee brought the total cost to 25 euros at which price it seems churlish to complain if it wasn’t positively unpleasant!

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