Other British Cars.

Apologies to all the cars in this category especially as it includes some of my favourites like the Austin Healeys and the Lotus and of course the Mini. I did own an Austin Healey once, it was a Mark 1 Sprite, known as a Frogeyed Sprite. It was a wonderful little car and we drove it to Spain and back and all round Scotland. The only problem was that it only had an 948cc engine, the same as in the Morris 1000, the  slight difference was that it did have twin SU carbs so it would go from 0 to 60 in just under half an hour. Sometimes bigger cars would pull over or indicate for us to overtake because they saw a sports car behind them and that was quite embarrassing. 

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2 thoughts on “Other British Cars.”

  1. Andy Gill said:

    Hi, excellent photos of a wonderful day in the Charente.If possible I would love a full size file pic of my wife and I in our blue Healey 3000.Sadly although I have many photos of the rally, none are of us sur la route.
    Many thanks in advance.

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