What’s on in Poitou-Charentes. 2020

Below is a list of some of the regular events which are happening in 2020 in the former region of Poitou-Charentes. There are a multitude of events throughout the year and in the smallest of villages right through to cities like Poitier, La Rochelle and Angouleme.

To check out a specific location and/or time then I suggest you visit one of the sites listed below

Living in or near the Charente region? then you might like to visit this web site. (Agenda La Charente)  This site is OK but seems to want to keep re directing you to the site for Charente Maritime.  Why?

In La Vienne then click (Agenda La Vienne) This site is OK, a bit limited.

In Deux Sevres then click (Agenda Deux-Sevres) This site is now probably the most user friendly.

And finally if you are in Charente Maritime  then click (Agenda Charente Maritime) This is a good site, it covers most things but every time you look at an event you then have to reset the dates you are interested in.

January 2020

 Festival International de la Bande Dessinée:   Angouleme: Its OK but very much directed to a French audience.  (more) 


Foire de Truffles: Jarnac every Tuesday morning through January/February (more)


February 2020

JOUR DE JAZZ À FOURAS at Fouras  (more)

FÊTE DU MIMOSA  St Trojan Les Bains… an annual event normally mid February, but with global warming the Mimosa may flower a bit earlier!  as part of the whole event there is a night time Brocante/Vide du Grenier, always popular with the Brits that’s on the Thursday evening (more)

 Foire de Truffles: Jarnac: every Tuesday morning in February Check out other local markets at this link. (more)

Ancient Weapons Fair: Poitiers: (more) 


March 2020 

Soiree “Saint Patrick” Fouras 16th March… is that St Patricks day? (more)  

Exposition du Collectif Jour de jazz Fouras… (more)

Angouleme   ‘La Nef’ Lots of good music throughout March (more) check site for all the  gigs.

Marathons and Half Marathons…Get fit all you overweight millenials.31 of them!!! at various locations, the web site now covers all of Nouvelle Aquitaine, throughout March and the rest of 2019/2020 (more) 

Foire at Rouillac:  (more)

Salon des Vins et Terroirs, Thouars 29th March (more)

April 2020…. Easter!….. April 12th this year.

Terri’Thouars Blues: Thouars: (more)

Spectacle Irish Celtic à Chatellerault le 3 avril 2019 (more)

Brocante in Charente Maritime as you would expect lots of venues have a Vide Grennier over Easter  click to see where you can pick up a bargain (more) 

Jour de Jazz at Fouras 6th April (more)

Festival des Cerf-volant – Kite festival: Chatellion Plage:   (more)








Médiévales à Nouaillé-Maupertuis 20th and  21st April  (more)


May 2020

Sarabande Des Filles De La Rochelle  (more)

Reunion De Voitures Anciennes Et Exposition Voitures Miniatures, Place de l’Europe,17700 SURGERES

Various  dates throughout the year so check link (more)




Fête Du Pain PLACE DES HALLES, Le Bourg, 17500 FONTAINES D OZILLAC.  Can’t beat good French Bread…..12th May (more)

COURSES DE TROT PREMIUM,Châtelaillon-Plage  12th May (more)

Stages de pêche, 79270 LE VANNEAU-IRLEAU  May and more in June (more)

Festival : Dixies Folies,    JAZZ  at La Rochelle  14th to 25th May (more)

Vide Grenier Du Printemps , l’espace Georges Pompidou à Surgères. 19th May(more)

Championnat Du Monde – Grand Prix De France – Motocross Puy Poursay à Saint-Jean d’Angély 25th and 26th May (more)





JUNE 2020

500 Ferraris contre le cancer: Val de Vienne, Le Vigeant:  end of May beginning of June  (more)Festival Musiques Metisses, Angouleme 31st May 1st 2nd  June  (more)

Concert Festival la voix du Rock à Couhe le 31st May and 1st June (more)

Spectacles nocturnes Coeurs en Bataille; Nouaille-Maupetuis: 7th,8th and 9th June (more) 

Notes en Vert at Perigny 7th 8th 9th June (more)

Highland Games; Bressuire:  (more)

Concert Musique Chant Et Danse à Charroux le 21 juin 2019 Hve to give this one a plug, it is my local patch. (more)

Polychromies de Notre Dame le Grand; Poitiers: starts 1st July this year then every night till 31st Sept. (More)



JOURNÉE DES MOULINS des Pierres Blanches 16240 VILLEFAGNAN 23rd June (more)

Vintage Cars Grand Prix ; Bressuire: 29th and 30th  June  (more)

Le festival de les Sarabandes, Rouillac    28th June to 30th July (more)

Free Music festival; Montendre: 21st to 23rd  June (more)


Jazz à Vienne & Saison Jazz  (loads of stuff all over check web site); Vienne 28th June – 13th July (more)

July 2020

Festival International du Film; La Rochelle:  (more)

Cognac Blues Passion: July. Once again this year it is in Coggnac  Various big names…. will no doubt be booked .  (more)

Festival au Village; Brioux sur Boutonne:        (more)

Trofeo Rosso; Circuit du Val de Vienne, Le Vigeant,  (more)

Festival de Music et Danse; Airvault:  (more)

Festival Ludique; Parthenay: (more)

Les Francofilies; La Rochelle 11th to 15th July(more)

Festival de Musique classique; Saintes:  (more) Great setting for this.

Festival Musique en Re; Le Blois-plage en re: A musical web site….beware. (more)

La Guinguette Buissonniere; Angouleme:  (more)

La Roche a Foucauld;  La Rochefoucauld: (more)

International Painting Festival; Magne:  (more)

Fete du Cognac; Cognac:  (more)

Festival de Bouche a Oreille; Parthenay:   (more)

L’Ile aux Livres,Le Bois-plage -en-Re,  (more)

Un Violin sur le Sable; Royan: (more)    With fireworks!  

Les Estivales d’Artenetra Celles-sur-Belles and surrounds,  (more)


August 2020

…. probably the month with most going on so do check out the web sites of the individual departments but here are a few that I have selected.

Spectacle Pyromelodique;  Angles sur l’Anglin,  (More)  

Mad Hatters festival;  Gets better each year. . Caunay   (more)

Championnat de France de supercross; La Tremblade  (more)

62nd Festival de Confolens; Confolens:   This is a big event, if you have never been then try and get there  (more)

Les Soirees Lyriques de Sanxay; Sanxay:   (more)

Jazz en Ré –  (more) 

La Couarde en Fête Association organizes a sand castle contest on the beach, one afternoon in August (more)

Tour du Poitou Charentes,  Not quite Tour de France but  why not have a look at this one… still plenty of Razzamatazz …..Charente, Charente Maritime, Deux sèvres, Vienne  (more)

Festival du film Francophone; Angouleme:   (more)

Festival du livre Angles sur l’Anglin,  (More)

September 2020

Remontee de la Seudre; Royan:  (more)

25th Festival Coup de Chauffe; Cognac:  (more)

Coconut Music Festival Saintes  (more)


L’Imprevu Festival Montemboeuf; Montemboeuf:  (more)

Barrobjectif photographic exhibition;  Barro: 14th to 22nd Sept (more)excellent ….make the effort to visit this, it is high class.

Le Grand Pavois boat show; La Rochelle:   Biggest in Europe? (more)

Circuit des Remparts/International Rallye: Angouleme:    I love it. (more)

Rallye International de Charentes ( this is part of the above weekend) The route is not announced until a few days before the event.

Festi Gartempe, Montmorillion  r(more)

Fete du Coquillage  Port de St Martinpt (more)

October 2020

Between the two towers Jazz Festival: La Rochelle: (more)

Le Festival International des Pertuis et Îles du Monde: Salle des Fêtes 17730 PORT DES BARQUES (more)


CHICAGO BLUES FESTIVAL;  My kind of music but unfortunately the web site gives very little indication about what is actually happening…worth keeping an eye on, maybe? MONTEMBOEUF  (more)

November 2020

Festival International du Film Ornithologique LE BOURG79340 MÉNIGOUTE (more)

December 2020

Vins de Thouarsais now until 22nd December.La boutique éphémère de la Maison du Thouarsais (more) I have tried some wines from that region and they a pretty good. Even wrote a post about them a couple of years ago which you might like to check out Thouarsais Wines. 

FOURAS FÊTE NOËL December through till January (more)

Christmas concert Saintes Cathédrale Saint-Pierre 17100 SAINTES  (more)

 That’s it for the year  HAPPY CHRISTMAS


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  2. Hi! I am an English speaking alien in Poitiers and new in town. This blog it is very practical and well-designed. Thank you!

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