Comprehensive guide to What’s on in Poitou-Charentes. 2017

This is is the most comprehensive  list of events occurring this year, 2017, in Poitou-Charentes.  It only covers events that are on for a specific time and will not cover things like the Futuroscope or the Aquarium at La Rochelle which are open all year round. (This page is being updated over the next few weeks, at the moment it is the correct up to July after that it is the 2016 agenda and many events occur at the same time each year however shortly it will all be 2017.)

Over 170 events listed so far

The events are listed by month and if an event is highlighted then if you click on it you will be taken to a post I have written about that event where you will find out much more. Or if at the end of the listing it says (more) then clicking this will take you to that events website.

Living in or near La Charente? then might I recommend that you visit this web site. (Agenda La Charente)  This site is quite good It lists far more than I do as it includes permanent exhibitions walks and really off beat events.

In la Vienne then click (Agenda La Vienne) This site is OK

In Deux Sevres then click (Agenda Deux-Sevres) This site is not kept up to date that well

And finally if you are in Charente Maritime  then click (Agenda Charente Maritime) This is a good site

Also, if you would like your event publicised here then contact me at or

January 2017

Retro mobile Club; Cognac Chateaubernard ;21st and 22nd Jan. (more)

Jazz a  Saint Sat: Saint Saturnin 13th to 22nd January (more)

Oiron Expostion; Oirion; 25th January (more)

Festival International de la Bande Dessinée: Angouleme: 26th January to 29th January (more)

CONCERT : LA FEMME + 1ERE PARTIE: La Rochelle 26th January (more)

La Belle Afrik: La Rochelle 27th January (more)

Marche au Truffles; Vilebois-Lavallette  28th Jan (more)

Foire de Truffles: Jarnac every Tuesday morning through January/February (more)


February 2017

Spectacle Mozart Group, Saint Benoit 2nd Feb  2017 (more)

Labulkrack; Bressuire;  Le theatre de Bressuire 4th Feb (more)

Anne Paceo; La Rochelle, La Coupe d’Or 2nd Feb (more) 

Spectacle Olivier De Benoist, Vouneuil Sous Biard 3rd Feb (more)
Concert The Wackids , Vouneuil Sous Biard   4th Feb (more)
Orchestre des Champs-Élysées  Saintes, Abbaye aux Dames, 8th Feb (more) Check web site for other events
Stage de musique de chamber, Saintes, Abbaye aux Dames, 6th to 10th Feb (more) 
LE TOUR DE VALSE d’après la BD de Pellejero & Lapière;  Ruffec 10th Feb (more)
Foire de Truffles: Villebois-lavalette : 11th February (more)
Flea market, Angouleme 11th Feb (more)
Festival Escale d’humour  Royan 11th to 13th Feb (more)

Dire de Monde Saints, 14th to 19th Feb (more)

ULYSSE NUIT GRAVEMENT À LA SANTÉ Cie le Cri de l’armoire Ruffec 16th Feb (more)

Trail de Val d’Egray,  Marathon and Half Marathon, Champdeniers 26th Feb (more)

Mimosa Festival: Saint-Trojan-les Bains: 17th,18th and 19th Feb (more) 2days earlier than last year is this global warming?   ‘No such thing’…. D Trump.

Festival International d’Echecs de Rochefort – Chess championship: Rochefort: 18th to 24th Feb (more)

Journées des Moulins Vivants du Bandiat, de La Tardoire, de l’Argence et de la Colle. 25th and 26th Feb (more) Check web site for which Windmills are open.

Foire de Truffles: Jarnac: every Tuesday morning in February (more)

Ancient Weapons Fair: Poitiers: 26th Feb (more)

Film; FLEUR DE TONNERRE  Blanzac 28th Feb (more) Check web site for other films.

Foire de Truffles:Jarnac: every Tuesday morning till end of Feb

March 2017 

Jour de Carnival; Poitiers: 8th March (more)

Printemps des Poets; Niort: 4th to 19th March (more)

Concert; La Belle Bleue, Le Chateau D’Oleron 10th March (more)

Reggae The Mighty Diamonds, Angouleme La Nef 10th March (more) check site for other gigs.

Venitien Carnival; Etaules: 12th March (more)

La Tete dans les Nuages – magic, circus,arts, and dance for youngsters; Angouleme; 11th to 18th March (more) 

Concert Best Of Floyd à Chasseneuil du Poitou le 14 mars 2017 (more)

Marathons and Half Marathons at various locations, Bressuire, La Rochelle, St Eutrope,and Taillebourg, throughout March (more) 

Celtic Legends; Bressuire:17th March (more)

Concert, Wax Tailor Angouleme La Nef  23rd March (more)

Terri’Thouars Blues: Thouars: 30th March to 2nd April (more)

Rochefort Pacifique cinema (L’Archipel des Marquaise); Rochefort 29th March to 2nd April. (more)

Foire at Rouillac: 27th March

Journées des métiers d’art en France,    Cognac 31st March to 2nd of April (more) This is a world wide event with lots of venues, Cognac is just one : check web site for others.

April 2017

Terri’Thouars Blues: Thouars: 29th March to 3rd April (more)

Fussion dance: Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Queen !!!! Niort 3rd April (more)

ATELIER CHOCOLAT Chocolaterie Letuffe, 2 rue du bourg,16730 TROIS PALIS 5th April (more)

Bach a Paques; Saint Maixent L’Ecole: (date not available yet) (more)

Marathons/half Marathons LES FOULEES DE LEOVILLE CHEZ SOULARD 17500 Leoville 9th April (more) check web site for others.

Festival 3 jours d’avril, Saint Martin de Ré 13th to 15th April (more)

Festival des Cerf-volant – Kite festival: Chatellion Plage: 15th 16th and 17th April (more)

Spectacle Vamp In The Kitchen, Lencloitre  15th and 16th  April (more)
20ÈME FOIRE DE PRINTEMPS ET VIDE GRENIER Champ de foire du Mas Félix16500 CONFOLENS 16th April (more)

Médiévales à Nouaillé-Maupertuis 15/16th April  (more)

Harlem Globetrotters, Niort 22nd April 2017 (more)   Trotting to France!

Foire at Rouillac: 27th April (more)

May 2017 

Ateliers adultes création de mosaique 3ème cycle St Romain-en-Gal, 3rd May  (more)

Sortie avec Nature Vivante : Jardins & biodiversitéCentre-village
38780 Estrablin 4th May (more)


Vide Grenier; La Couarde sur Mer  7th May (more)

Vienne en Fleurs; 30 Avenue du General Leclerc 38200 Vienne, 7th May  (more)  

Festival Plein Sud; Cozes : 9th May to 14th May (more)

Atelier Chocolat; 22 rue du Bourg, Chocolaterie Letuffe, TROIS PALIS: 4th May  and again on 10th May(more)

Festival International de Music de Chambre en Charente; Chalais  6th May to 4th June  (more)

Découverte du patrimoine: Vienne nuits et legends; 14 Cours Brillier 38200 Vienne  13th May and future dates throughout the summer check web site (more)

Regate Le Grand Largue; St Denis D’Oleron 13th May (more)


Patrimoine, Jazz and Wine – Jazz & pop: 12 pl Aristide Briand
69560 Sainte-Colombe 18th May (more)

Le mentaliste Thierry Collet, Chasseneuil du Poitou 19th May (more)

Half Marathon; Aytre-La Rochelle 21st May  and Futuroscope in May (more)

Rallye du Printemps; (motor sport) Bords, Charente Maritime: 13th and 14th May  always a slow site to publish the current years agenda so check it out. (more)


Festival Histoire de Choeurs; St Palais sur Mer, 19th to 21st May (more) 

Spectacles nocturnes Coeurs en Bataille; Nouaille-Maupertuis:   12th May (more)Pour les 13, 19 et 20 mai, 2, 3 et 4 juin 2017 : groups of 10 people!

13ème Festival “Musique au Pays de Pierre Loti” Saint-Pierre d’Oléron 20th to 27th May (more)

Scènes de Territoire Bressuire  31st May  (more)

“Une passion qui donne des ailes” Niort open until 31st May  (more)6fdf8c6c4b66f051b24cea37781cfdc0

 June 2017

Festival Musiques Metisses, Angouleme 2nd to 4th June (more)

Les Visiteur de L’Autre Monde; Chateau-Larcher 2nd 3rd 4th and 9th and 10th June 2017(more)

Festival de Melle 16th June (more)

Notes en Vert at Perigny 10th to 12th June (More) (Still the 2016 site)

Spectacles nocturnes Coeurs en Bataille; Nouaille-Maupetuis: 2nd 3rd and 4th June (more) Don’t forget your glasses.

b-120-90-16777215-0-stories-22eme_edition-22_eme_sport-et-collection-11500 Ferraris contre le cancer: Val de Vienne, Le Vigeant:  1st 2nd 3rd and 4th June (more)



Festival Musiques et Gastronomiques du Monde, Mathes  2nd and 3rd June (more) 

Jazz concert, LE QUARTET CARIBA, St George de Didonne 10th June (more) 

Half Marathon; Niort: 11th June (more)

Highland Games; Bressuire: 10th and 11th June  (more)

Festival Handi Blues; Saint Trojan-les-Bains 12th to18thJune (more) 

Polychromies de Notre Dame le Grand; Poitiers: starts 21st June then every night till 21st Sept. (more)

Festival de Melle; Melle 16th May to 6th June 2016 (more)

L’escargouille (snail farm) open day; Blanzay: (around the 15th June ) (more) Rather like the occupants, the owners are rather slow in updating their web site! They also sell products in local markets check site for dates.

Maraisthon; Coulon: 18th June (more)

Ball-trap (painful!!!);Route de Serpaize 38200 Luzinay 20th May (more)

Fete de la Music; A one day event across Poitou-Charente, indeed all France check web site for what is on near you; 21st June (more)

Fete de la Saint Jean, Les Mathes 21st  June (more) 

La Journee Medieval ‘La Rancon du Roi: Nouaille-Mauperuis: Last Sunday in June,     the 26th(more)

Vintage Cars Grand Prix ; Bressuire: 23rd 24th and 25th June  (more) (more)

Le festival de les Sarabandes, Rouillac    23rd to 25th June (more)

Free Music festival; Montendre: 23r and 24th June (more)

Jazz à Vienne & Saison Jazz  (loads of stuff all over check web site); Vienne 29th June – 13th July (more)

Marche sur L’Eau; Le Vanneau-Irleau: Towards the end of June, they are usually fairly non specific about the date. (more)

July 2017

Respire Jazz festival; Aignes et Puyperoux: 30th June to  2nd July (more)

Festival International du Film; La Rochelle: 30th June to 9th July (more)

TOUR DE FRANCE 1st to 23rd July and it is not coming through Poitou-Charentes this year, the nearest point is  is the Dordogne on 10th July (more)

Cognac Blues Passion: Guess where …its in Cognac!  4th to 8th July  (more)

Nuits Blanches en Pays Jaune D’Or; Segonzac: 1st to 31st July ???? maybe but nothing on their web site as yet (more)

Festival au Village; Brioux sur Boutonne: 2016 dates were 1st to  9th July  (more)

Festival Jeux Santons; Saintes 8th to 19th July?????? (more)

GT Tour;Circuit du Val de Vienne, Le Vigeant, 4th and 5th July  (more)  Excellent and not expensive.

Medieval Fete de Dignac; Dignac: It was the 10th July in 2016 but this is another event which is slow to publicise their 2017 programme. (more)

Festival de Music et Danse; Airvault: It was 9th to 17th July2016… another slow one! (more)

Festival Ludique; Parthenay: 12th to 23rd July (more)

Terre de Danses; Bressuire,  Neuil les Aubiers: 6th to 11th July (more) 

Les Francofilies; La Rochelle 12th to 16th July (more)

Festival des Enfants du Monde; Saint Maixent L’Ecole:11th to 16th July (more)

Le Festival International de Guitare de l’Ile de Ré 13th July (more)

Festival de Musique classique; Saintes: 14th to 22nd July (more) Great setting for this.

Journées artisanales; Angles sur l’Anglin ;  14th and 15th July (more)

Festival Atouts Arts; Thouars: roughly 15th to 18th July their site only extends to May at the time of writing this. (more)

Festival Musique en Re; Le Blois-plage en re:19th July to 2nd August, A musical web site….beware. (more) 

OPEN GARDENS – LES JARDINS DU COQ Labreuille16390 MONTIGNAC LE COQ 17th May (more) Check site for other dates and venues.

La Guinguette Buissonniere; Angouleme: last year it was 27th July to 12h August , and the link is to 2016 site (more)

La Roche a Foucauld;  La Rochefoucauld: 22nd and 23rd July (more)

International Painting Festival; Magne: 22nd to 23rd July 2017 (more)

Fete du Cognac; Cognac:27th 28th and 29th July (more)

Festival de Bouche a Oreille; Parthenay: July to end of August; still got 2016 web site (more)

L’Ile aux Livres,Le Bois-plage -en-Re, 21st,  22nd  and 23rd July, (more) 

Un Violin sur le Sable; Royan:22nd 25th and 28th July (more) With fireworks.  

Les Estivales d’Artenetra Celles-sur-Belles and surrounds, around ?July 19th – August 5th 8 (more)..also 2016 site

August 2016 

Coupe d’Europe Montgolfieres, Mainfonds 2nd to 6th August 2017   (more)

Paddle boarding on the Gartemp ; Montmorillon 1st August 2017 (more)

2017 Tour du Poitou Charentes, Charente, Charente Maritime, Deux sèvres, Vienne 22nd to 25th August 2017 (more)

Summer sound Festival; Rochefort 3rd to 6th August 2017 (more)

La Marquise (folk music) Chasseneuil-du-Poitou 4th August 2017 (more)

BRIC A BRAC Chemin des vallées Quartier du Pontreau16700 RUFFEC 6th August (more)

FOIRE MENSUELLE Place du marché 16700 RUFFEC 9th and 23rd August (more)

Mad Hatters festival; Featuring SLADE with original members but no Noddy Holder, still it sounds good to me. Caunay  11th 12th and 13th August (more)

COURSES HIPPIQUES,Hippodrome16330 MONTIGNAC CHARENTE 10th August 2017 (more)

Championnat de France de supercross; La Tremblade 14th August (more)

Festival Crescendo;Saint Palais sur mer 17 au 19 Août (more)

De Bouche à Oreille Parthenay,  26th to 29th  August 2017  (more)

Festival de Confolens; Confolens:   9th to 15th August 2017 (more)

Les Soirees Lyriques de Sanxay; Sanxay: 10th 12th and 14th August (more)

Jazz en Ré – 18th to 20th  August 2017 (more)

Literary festival;Charroux:  In 24th 25th and 26th August (more)

Tour de Poitou-Charentes (cycling) 23rd to 26th August (more)

Festival du film Francophone; Angouleme:23rd to 28th August  (more)

Spectacle Pyromelodique;  Angles sur l’Anglin, 6th August 2017, (More)  

Festival du livre Angles sur l’Anglin, 13th to 15th August 2017 (More) 

September 2016 

Remontee de la Seudre; Royan: 2nd and 3rd September (more) 

Festival Coup de Chauffe; Cognac: 2nd and 3rd Sept (more)

L’Imprevu Festival Montemboeuf; Montemboeuf: 8th and 9th Sept (more)

Barrobjective photographic exhibition;  Barro: 16th to 24th Sept (more) excellent ….make the effort to visit this.

Le Grand Pavois boat show; La Rochelle: 27th Sept to 3rd October. (more) Biggest in Europe?

Circuit des Remparts/International Rallye: Angouleme: 15th 16th and 17th  September……   I love it. (more)

Rallye International de Charentes ( this is part of the above weekend but occurs on the 16th Sept. The route is not announced until a few days before the event, I will post it on this blog when I can. (more)

Half Marathon; Chasseneuil: 17th Sept (more)


October 2017

Between the two towers Jazz Festival: La Rochelle: 30th September to 7th October (more)

Cirque Claudio Zavatta; Niort  1st October (more).
Well I would advise against this if they sill are using wild animals, tigers and lions etc I would direct you to a blog I wrote some years ago.  Maybe its just clowns and high wire stuff but if its wild animals then give it a miss.

Semaine Bleue et “américaine”: Niort,  2nd to 6th October (more)

RALLYE DUNES ET MARAIS,du 06/10/2017 au 08/10/2017,ST PALAIS SUR MER (more)

CINEMA: NÉS EN CHINE Rue d’Aquitaine16190 MONTMOREAU 8th October (more)

Angie Palmer in concert Luzay 14th October (more)

Spectacle Kamel le Magicien à Poitiers le 15 octobre 2017 (more)


Concert Oumou Sangare à Poitiers le 20 octobre 2017 (more)

I do not know what this is all about, but the poster for it is quite eye catching….maybe click on the link and you may find out more and it might be of interest… better than French TV no doubt.

Concert Hommage a Stephane Grappelli à Chasseneuil du Poitou le 20 octobre 2017 (more)

Spectacle Le Grand Cirque St-Petersbourg Légende à Chatellerault le 20 octobre 2017 (more)
And it is on again in Poitiers. Spectacle Le Grand Cirque St-Petersbourg Légende à Poitiers  21st to 23rd  October 2017(more)


I would suggest you do not visit these events. They give the wrong message to children about respect for wild animals.

Festival international du Film Ornithologique; Meningoute: 27th Oct to 1st Nov. (more)

Projection du film “Marie baigne dans le beurre”; Luzay 27th October (more)
Hmm, well if my translation of the title of the film is correct…. then the mind boggles


November 2016(not updated yet)

Half Marathon; Cognac/ Aignes et Puyperoux: 4th November

Literatures Europeennes; Cognac: 19th to 22nd November (more)

38th Henri Langlois Film Festival: Poitiers: (29th November to 8th December)???

December 2016(not updated yet)

38th Henri Langlois Film Festival: Poitiers: 29th November to 8th December


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