Plan d’eau in Poitou-Charentes

Here is a list of some of the Plan d’eau in this region. I have subdivided it into the different departments. For more details on each Plan d’Eau  ( location, facilities, times when open) click where it says website. The photo below is the Plan d’eau near Brossac. This is very nice with parking close by and a restaurant.

Plan d'Eau

Plan d’Eau

If you have a favourite and its not on this list then please let me know. Or if you know of one and it is not a favourite then its also worth including so people can visit it with caution and make their own mind up.


Plan d’eau de la Féculerie 16150 Étagnac website

Lac de Mas Chaban website
Lac de Lavaud near Chabanais website
Le Plan d’Eau de Saint Yrieix website


Etang Vallier  Brossac website

Les Etangs de Mina at Saint Sornin website

Pole Nature Vitrezay website

Plan d’Eau de St-Jean-d’Angély website



Barrage de Ia Touche-Poupard near the Foret de Ia Saisine  website

Barrage de Cebron just north of Parthenay website

Base de Loisirs du Lambon at Prailles website

Plan d’Eau du Soleil Levant website

Verruyes (south of Parthenay) website



Lac du Gue du Magne at Moncomour 

Plan d’Eau de Saint Cyr midway between Poitiers and Chatellerault 

St Martin l’Ars website

Saint-Macoux website


4 thoughts on “Plan d’eau in Poitou-Charentes”

  1. We love the Plans d’eau all over France. They are beautiful places to stop for the day and many have facilities for motorhomes and we can stay overnight. Thanks for this. I’ll save it for future reference. 🙂

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