Le Bistro Central; Ruffec

Le Bistro Central

Le Bistro Central

Le Bistro Central Ruffec, 20 Place des Martyrs de l’Occupation, 16700 Ruffec, France

Phone:+33 9 54 07 73 15

Situated in the centre of Ruffec this bar/restaurant has the advantage of a very pretty terrace under the trees just in front of the Halle de Noix.  It looked very inviting in the warm sunshine on the day we visited and we stopped for a beer and ended up having lunch.  The menu du jour offered one two three or four courses from a choice of four courses each for the starter and main course including a special of the day for each.

The terrace filled up quickly with English couples, and local businessmen so it was obviously quite a popular lunch destination.

We both opted for the scallop terrine to start.  This resembled the supermarket version, which tends to be rather wet and tasteless, but was actually very much better as it was rich in flavour and accompanied by decent fresh and crusty bread.  I had the whiting with a herb crust for main course served with a mixture of green beans and courgettes. and rice with grains – I would guess quinoa.  It wasn’t elegant but it was very good – the herb crust gave the fish flavour and complimented it very well, the vegetables were buttery and tasty and the rice mixture gave the whole dish texture.  Alan had the andouillette served with the same vegetable mix and sautéed potatoes and pronounced the andouillette very well spiced and without too many “chewy or wriggly bits in it” which is apparently a compliment.  He thought his potatoes were a fraction oversalted.  The bill with a demi litre of wine and coffee to follow came to 37 euros which seemed about right for a good menu du jour served with a smile in a pleasant location so if you happen to be in Ruffec – particularly on a sunny day – and in need of lunch you could do very much worse than the Bistro Central

Pavement dinning

Pavement dinning

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5 thoughts on “Le Bistro Central; Ruffec”

  1. helenthemadex said:

    it is a lovely place to sit on a sunny day however I went with three friends we had a cappuccino each and were charged 4.60euros although it was nice it was seriously over priced

  2. Gabrielle Haynes said:

    Yes, I was on of those friends. Told the barman it was ‘trop chère’ he repeated it in surprise. Although we sat outside and I think they charge for that, it was still too expensive for a cappucino with sugar syrup in it and spray cream on top!

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