Garden Birds in Poitou-Charentes


These are photos of birds which I have seen in the garden or within 5 minutes walk of the garden.  Most of the photos were taken in my garden or close by but a few were taken in England. However all the photos were taken by myself, no copies.

We are blessed by having a garden which has some old trees, the neighbours gardens are similarly blessed and then close by there is woodland and farmland.

If you would like to see a closer view of the photos then just click on the photo and then you can get a beter view.

Other birds which we see but have yet to be photographed are Collared Dove,  Crow, Chifchaf, Golden Oriole, Black Kite, and Little Owl. Firecrest,


6 thoughts on “Garden Birds in Poitou-Charentes”

  1. Nicola Ward said:

    Do you know if there are European Orioles in this area?

    • Yes they are quite common and vey difficult to see, despite what seems like bold yellow and black colour. They stay high up in trees often big Oaks. They have a very distinctive call which is very fluid and clear and you had probably best to listen to it on U tube or RSPB web site…. Once you are familiar with the call you will hear them quite often…. Not sure what area you are in I hear them in Vienne along the Charente river often from my garden…. They leave the area fairly soon for the winter (August/Sept).. Good luck

  2. Really glad I found this page. You helped me identify a male and female Redstart. I didn’t have a clue!
    Thank you.

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