Jaguar cars in the Rallye de Charente 2013

I do not think they have ever really made one you would not be proud to drive.

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8 thoughts on “Jaguar cars in the Rallye de Charente 2013”

  1. Steve taylor said:

    Great set of memories …….. excellent photography I might add …….. thanks

  2. Steve Taylor said:

    Not as held up as previous years …………. and by the end the rest was welcome! Great weekend as always. 🙂

  3. Steve Taylor said:

    Hi. It was photographed ………. 3 times in the same location albut a few feet. Not sure if it was you, but I suspect it was. It is the silver Jaguar SS100 with dark red wheels. I was the Lunatic with my hands in the air ……… but I think I was stationary at the time. The signpost for Salles De Vn 6 Kms was behind me, I had sunglasses on and a good looking blonde in the passenger seat ………. no idea where I got her from 🙂

    So was that one of yours???


  4. Steve Taylor said:

    …….. so was it one you took??

    • I took all the photos of the classic cars which I have put on my blog. I was just wondering if your Jaguar was one I photographed. There were some cars that I missed and some ( new stuff) which I choose not to photograph.

  5. Steve Taylor said:

    Well then it was you ……… great photos which I have shared with many ……. thankyou. Hopefully we will actually meet next year!


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