La Belle Aurore, Saint-Benoit

Saint-Benoit 22.05.2012 la Belle Aurore Route de Liguge 05 49 36 34 43 and

La Belle Aurore

This is a pretty and interesting restaurant having the advantage of being positioned on the leafy riverbank of the Clain.  It takes full advantage of this with its large covered terrace with tastefully laid tables.  The menu contains an international mix of menus – Morroccan tagine, traditional French menus and Mediterranean paellas.

We both went for a French menu but couldn’t help noticing that nearly everyone else there was enjoying the Morroccan spread which looked amazingly good and will have to be tried next time!

Our meal – we both chose the same – was a very good foie gras to start followed by a mix of red mullet and scallops served with tender buttered vegetables, a fresh salad and well cooked rice, all of which was excellent. The large scallops were perfectly cooked and the red mullet was delicately tasty with a light sauce which did not swamp its flavour. The cheese plate was adequate but not particularly inspired and we finished with a cafe gourmand which was back up to standard consisting of a strong coffee accompanied by an excellent pear tart, profiteroles and ice cream.

The patron who served us was absolutely charming and the service was very efficient.  All in all this is a restaurant well worth visiting.  Our 4 course menu was 27 euros each which is not cheap but was well justified by the quality of the food and the surroundings.

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