Restaurant reviews for Poitou-Charentes

Egon Ronay, Michelin, AA, watch out! By the year 2050 this could become the biggest most prestigious restaurant guide around. Giving it plenty of time to get established you see.

What are the criteria for a good restaurant? Would you go back? Was it value for money? Position, ambience, convenience are all important. Quality of food probably has something to contribute.

These are the venues we have reviewed. Just click on the name to read what we  thought of them.

Angouleme; La Cantine

Aubeterre-sur-Drome; Taverne Pierre Very. 

Rochefoucauld; Le Cafe du Commerce.

St. Jean d’Angelys:  Le Scorlion (*****)

Chauvigny; Les Choucas.

Chabanais; Hotel De La Barriere.

Charroux; Le Charlemagne (****)

Coulon; Quai Sud.

Brossac; Le St. Bernard Pizzeria and Restaurant.

Saint-Benoit; La Belle Aurore

Poitiers; Bistrot du Boucher (****)

Parthenay; Le Drapeau Bar-Brasserie

Civray, Vienne; Hotel du Commerce

Angouleme; L’Artiste Restaurant.

Fouras, Ti Sable

Saintes; Clos des Cours

Oiron; Le Relais du Chateau (****)

La Rochelle; Le P’tit Amiral 

Lussac les Chateaux; Les Orangeries 

St-Martin de Re; Bistrot du Marin

St-Martin de Re; Le Skipper

St Palais sur Mer; Les Quimperoises

St Romain; Restaurant le Bouton D’Or (****)

St-Trojan, Ile d’Oleron; Restaurant du Pecheur

Ruffec; Re Bistro Central

Ruffec; Aux Choeurs de Bacchus (****)

Niort; Le Bistroquet


To see other photos I have taken click Alamy Photos

Finally I am going to take a trip down memory lane, and visit in my mind four establishments that have either gone or changed hands so that they no longer exist in the form they do in my mind. Some of you may remember the places I am going to mention and if you do please contact me and give me your memories of them.

1. Hotel de Europe1Hotel d’Europe, Civray; 1980’s. Very busy, especially on market day. Menu changed all the time. You could often tell what was coming up by looking out the back. A cockerel in a box indicated Coq au vin might be on the menu. Terrine arrived in a big bowl and you had as much as you wanted, wine was by the carafe and was constantly topped up as was bread. Madame was very friendly, Monsieur did the cooking and listened to football. Cheap, excellent food, great atmosphere. Shame it is no more.

2. Bois Vert, Fouras; around 2000 This establishment still exists but was more of an upmarket Chambre de hote when we visited Fouras last year. My memories are of when the waiters dyed their hair bright green and they played blues/jazz/west coast American/underground music. The menu was OK. They did good mixed salads, grilled fish, andouillete, etc but nothing too ambitious. The view over the beach was stunning but best of all was the ambience.

3. Pizza restaurant, Aldo’s, Surin 1990-2008 ish  Only open 4 nights a week, very busy. They did a huge range of Italian influenced food but the star of the show was Aldo’s pizzas. I have to say they were the best I have ever tasted. Thin, slightly burnt underneath and on the edges, with great toppings. The terrace was most popular in summer and the hosts were so welcoming. Aldo still does pizzas and you can buy them from vending machines located in the car park of Intermarche in Civray and at sites in Ruffec and Gencay….I have not tried one from a machine and don’t think I ever will.

4.Bistro Notre-Dame, Poitiers.  New owners 2011. This was a favourite when we visited Poitiers. In a way it was an up market version of the Hotel de Europe. The owner was always very friendly, the pates, terrines, mousses au chocolat etc were normally brought to the table in a large dish and you took as much as you required/could eat. You could eat outside if the weather permitted. It was lively with University buildings right next door and the Notre Dame market just opposite.


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