What’s on in Poitou-Charentes; November 2018



At the moment  what is ‘on’ I suspect is lots and lots of rain… as it says in the song A rainy night in Georgia  by Brook Benton ( I had to look that up!) …

‘A rainy night in Georgia,I believe it’s rainin’ all over the world’.

There are lots of events related to the first world war and there are some good looking music events. As always I have just picked out a few that caught my eye and it is best to look at the sites for the individual departments.

November 2018

34ème Festival International du Film Ornithologique 4th November LE BOURG79340 MÉNIGOUTE (more)

Concert Youn Sun Nah à Chatellerault le 6 novembre 2018 (more)

Concert Cats On Trees à Chauvigny le 7 novembre 2018 (more)
Concert / Calypso Boogaloo Party à Liguge le 17 novembre 2018(more)

NEW BLUES GENERATION 17th NovCentre culturel Place de la mairie 16310 MONTEMBOEUF (more)

 Exposition “Les Deux-Sévriens dans la Grande Guerre : un front intérieur” 18th Nov SALLE DES FÊTES79220 GERMOND-ROUVRE (more)

Chicago Blues Festival 18th November Niort….something to brighten the month? (more)

EXPOSITION – LA GRANDE GUERRE VUE PAR FERNAND BRAUN  19th November till end of December  Royan (more)

SOIRÉE CITY JAZZY GILY SWING  23rd Nov. Atlantic Ciné Parc Atlantique Les Coteaux 17 Rue champagne St Georges 17810 ST GEORGES DES COTEAUX (more)

BOURSES AUX PLANTES 24th November, 4 rue Fernand Haury 17500 JONZAC (more)

FESTIVAL LES GASTRONOMADES 23rd 24th and 25thNov. Angouleme (more)

Concert hommage à Johnny 24th Nov PALAIS DES CONGRÈS79200 PARTHENAY Not the first and not the last no doubt… I wonder which Johnny they are paying hommage to? Depp??? Cash???       (more)

Spectacle Les Contes D’Hoffmann à Chasseneuil du Poitou le 28 novembre 2018 (more)

Arts Mêlés – La forêt ébouriffée 28th November THÉÂTREPLACE JULES FERRY79300 BRESSUIRE (more)





Woodland wildflower book???


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Please follow my blog called Woodlandwildflowers.com ……. Why?

Well,  I am attempting to convert it into a book.

The blog is called, as I said  http://www.woodlandwildflowers.com, I have mentioned it in the past but then it had the rather cumbersome name of http://www.woodlandwildflowers.wordpress.com so I recently paid a little bit of money and now we have the shortened and somewhat easier to remember version.

In fact I set up the blog with the intention of one day producing a book, it was just a way of getting all my writing and all my photos into one place. Now it is more or less complete in that there are roughly 170 woodland wildflowers in the UK that I want to write about and photo and I have now covered about 140 of them.

I also had the intention of including a substantial amount of what I loosely call background material. This is information on things like the evolution of land plants, the structure of woodlands, the history of woodlands since the last Ice age, also things like how to estimate the age of a tree, or a chapter on hedgerows, which I describe as very long narrow woodlands.    All of this has been completed, it needs checking by my wife as my grammar and spelling is sometimes not 100%. I passed English Language ‘O’ level but the grade was only middling.

Now I am writing what is known as a ‘book proposal’ which you evidently send to agents and publishers telling them why they should publish your book. Evidently this is possibly more important than the book which you do not send to them. You should so I have read include some sample chapters, but not the whole thing.

Part of the proposal includes establishing that there is a need for your book and that there is an interest in the subject……. and that is why I am asking for people to follow my blog as the more followers it has the better. (So far it only has 249 followers which is not big in internet terms.) More followers will help me persuade the agents and publishers that there will be a market for the book. Also I think that you will find the blog interesting, you could even recommend it to your friends?

So have a look at http://www.woodlandwildflowers.com and then write nice comments and more important please follow it….. Thank you.

What’s on in Poitou-Charentes; October 2018


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Whats on in October, well the emphasis is not surprisingly on smaller events that can be held indoors. I have picked out a few that caught my eye. Possibly the visit to a farm producing blue green algae ‘Spiruline’ is one of the weirdest that I have ever included and as always I would urge you to avoid all the Circus events that include wild animals.

EXPOSITION 14-18;  (World war one) Cognac, its on for all of October and November (more)

Between the two towers Jazz Festival: La Rochelle: 3rd to 6th October 2018 (more)

Le Festival International des Pertuis et Îles du Monde: Salle des Fêtes 17730 PORT DES BARQUES 4th to 7th Oct (more)

VISITE DE LA FERME DE PRODUCTION DE SPIRULINE  Spiruline ???? Its a blue green algae and it is supposed to be good for you Le Bouin 6310 ROUSSINES 5th October  (more)

Rallaye dunes et Marais, Cozes,  5th,6th and 7th October  (more)

LE FESTIVAL DES AVENTURIERS Tonnay Charente 6th and 7th October (more)






CONCERT NORMAN JACKSON BAND La Rochelle 8th October (more)

Concert Festival Vox Musica à Jaunay Clan le 11 Octobre 2018 (more)

EXPOSITION “LES CHAMPIGNONS” Toutvent17210 MONTLIEU LA GARDE; 13th to 30th October and also again in November (more)

CHICAGO BLUES FESTIVAL;  My kind of music but unfortunately the web site gives very little indication about what is actually happening…worth keeping an eye on, maybe? MONTEMBOEUF 17th October (more)

Golf Bluegreen de Niort –  More Blue green but not algae this time.  Initiation gratuite de 2h Niort 21st Oct. (more)

SORTIE ORNITHOLOGIQUE; Maison des Lacs Le Bourg 16310 MASSIGNAC 20th Oct (more)

Spectacle Le Grand Cirque St-Petersbourg Légende It is on again this year various places like Poitiers on  27th and 28th  October 2018 (more)

I would suggest you do not visit these Circus events. They give the wrong message to children about respect for wild animals.

Instead why not visit this event and enjoy the wildlife filmed where it should be, ie in the wild.…..Festival international du Film Ornithologique; Meningoute: 30th Oct to 4th Nov. (more)


What’s on in Poitou-Charentes; September 2018


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September; well summer is over but it can linger on and be very pleasant in central France…. should I say Nouvelle Aquitaine???  Maybe… it could have been  a worse name. Anyway there are some big events on this month, depending on your intrest, boatshow in La Rochelle, Veteran and vintage cars in Angouleme or Photography at Barro.

24th Festival Coup de Chauffe; Cognac: 1st and 2nd Sept (more)

Coconut Music Festival Saintes 6th 7th 8th and 9th Sept (more)

BOURSE ET EXPOSITION INTERNATIONALE COQUILLAGES ET FOSSILES  Yes I would like this one I have a few shells at home. 8th 9th and 10th Sept  La Rochelle (more) 

LA NUIT DES ETOILES La Noue 5th, 13th and 20th Sept. (more)

Lavood Stock Festival at Lavoux 8th September (more)

Remontee de la Seudre; Royan: 8th and 9th September (more)

L’Imprevu Festival Montemboeuf; Montemboeuf: 6th to 9th Sept (more)

Journées du patrimoine Poitiers 2018 15th Sept (Lots in various locations) check web site (more) 

Barrobjectif photographic exhibition;  Barro: 15th to 23rd Sept (more) excellent ….make the effort to visit this.

Le Grand Pavois boat show; La Rochelle: 26th Sept to 1st October. (more) Biggest in Europe?

Circuit des Remparts/International Rallye: Angouleme: 14th 15th and 16th  September……   I love it. (more)

Rallye International de Charentes ( this is part of the above weekend but occurs on the 15th Sept. The route is not announced until a few days before the event, I will post it on this blog when I can.

Concert Saint Benoit Swing du 27 au 29 septembre 2018 (more)

Half Marathon; Chasseneuil: 16th Sept (more)


Sooty Copper (Lycaena tityrus)


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The Sooty Copper is a small butterfly that is easily overlooked.

It is in the family commonly known as the blues, which in Britain includes the Common Blue, Holly Blue and the Small Copper, all of which most reasonably competent naturalists will be familiar with.

This one is not found in the UK but is quite common in France, There are many more species of Butterflies to be found in France than in the UK, partly because it has a bigger range of habitats. Mediterranean, Alpine, through to northern European like us. There is an excellent web site to help you identify any strange butterflies you may come across called Butterflies of France.

Argiope bruennichi (wasp spider)


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Wasp spiders turn up quite often in central France.

This one I photographed beside the Charente river in St Macoux yesterday (19/8/2018). There were in fact two of them quite close to one another both were posing upside down but one had her back to me and this one was the right way round.

I suppose I could have taken them form the other side but that would have meant standing in the river!


L’ancienne tuilerie


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There is an old tile making building just up the road from the car park at the Gallo Roman ruins at Sanxay.

Although it would appear that they are mainly producing pipes, these can just be seen in the background to the right.

Presumably there would have been many of these buildings in the past as all old houses in France have the attractive curved tiles like the ones on the roof in the photo above Also there would have been a high demand for the clay pipes used in land drainage and other building jobs.

I found a French web site about the old production of tiles which is worth a look. Tuiliere ancienne 

However this is the first building like this which I have seen, possibly others exist but are not right next to the road and so not so easily seen. The operation seems to be still producing bricks and tiles and is run by Victot et Fils……… 

He refers to the business as a Briqueterie  and tuilerie as they are producing tiles for roofs and floors along with bricks and pipes.

Charroux; past and present


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I had a trawl through the old post card photos of Charroux and there are quite a lot but as you would expect 95% of them are of the Charlemagne tower.

This is one I found, which was of another subject, the Mairie and court.

Here it is today, not much has changed just the door really.


This is another view  of the scene.

Whats on in Poitou-Charentes; August 2018


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August 2018  As always this is just a soupcon which grabbed my attention, do check with the web sites for each department.

Painters in the street Charroux 4th and 5th August (more)

Various activities including Rock climbing, Paddle boarding etc  on the Gartemp ; Montmorillon  August 2018 (more)

Spectacle Pyromelodique;  Angles sur l’Anglin, 5th August 2018, (More)  

Symphony of Summer,Fouras, 8th 9th and 10th August (more)

Festival of Polynesia, La Rochelle 10 and 11th August (more)

Festival of Jazz . La Rochelle 10.11 and 12th August (more)

BRIC A BRAC Place de la mairie 16240 PAIZAY NAUDOUIN EMBOURIE RUFFEC 15th August (more)

Mad Hatters festival; Featuring Bootleg Beatles and Dr Feelgood . Caunay  10th 11th and 12th August (more)

COURSES HIPPIQUES,Hippodrome16330 MONTIGNAC CHARENTE 9th, 16th and 23rd  August 2018 (more)

Championnat de France de supercross; La Tremblade 14th August (more)

Festival Crescendo; (Progressive Rock) Saint Palais sur mer, 18thAugust     (more)

 Bouche à Oreille Parthenay,  25th to 28th  August 2018 (more)
Festival de Confolens; Confolens:   13th to 19th August 2018 (more)

Les Soirees Lyriques de Sanxay; Sanxay: 9th 11th and 13th August (more)

Jazz en Ré – 18th  August 2018 (more)

2018 Tour du Poitou Charentes, Charente, Charente Maritime, Deux sèvres, Vienne 21st to 24th August 2018 (more)

Festival du film Francophone; Angouleme: 21st to 26th (more)

Festival du livre Angles sur l’Anglin, 12th to 15th August 2018 (more)

Vide Grenier,Montignac ,25th August (more)