Les Choucas, Chauvigny.

Chauvigny (11.04 2012) Les Choucas,Place du Donjon 86300 a Chauvigny http://www.leschoucas.net/

An attractive restaurant in prime position in the centre of the medieval city of Chauvigny, with a large sunny terrace ( which the weather ensured we did not use!) and a pleasant ambience in the interior of the old property in which it was housed.

The menu displayed outside looked imaginative and tempting – it was the zander available as a main course which particularly attracted me.  Inside the courses available were displayed on a chalk board – the zander had disappeared but had been replaced by turbot which sounded highly acceptable but we were informed that the turbot was unavailable!  Oh well!  Nothing daunted I ordered a lobster bisque with a souffle topping which was an original idea and quite good.  My husband’s cream of vegetable soup was very elegantly presented but was a bit thin and lacking in flavour and was not really saved by the accompanying croustade with a thin spread of escargot mix.  My Limousin steak was good and perfectly ‘a point’ as requested, and the 2 sauces which accompanied it – an onion sauce and a blue cheese sauce were very good.  It was let down only by the accompanying roast potatoes which were a rather soggy greasy concoction.  My husband ordered the scallops and king prawns served in a grapefruit sauce which he found disappointing. The sauce overpowered the delicate flavour of the seafood, he found the prawns to be dry and overcooked and the portion (3 scallops and 3 prawns) a little conservative for the price.

Having said that the service was freindly and efficient and you had to credit them for trying some original ideas in their menu. The meal for 2 cost £55 for 2 courses including a good bottle of wine and coffee.

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