Wildflowers of Poitou-Charentes

In time I hope this  will become a useful resource for people living in or visiting this area to identify flowers which they come across on their travels. So far I have recorded well over 100 flowers but there is a long way to go, however it is developing all the time.



Part of the reason for setting this up is because I was trying to identify a flower which looks like a strawberry but has trifoliate leaves like a clover. In so doing I discovered, or infact I did not discover any useful sites on the internet to aid my search. There are a couple which are OK one covers all of Europe and the photos are a bit small, the other is only for France but is as yet incomplete.They are;

http://europe.ukwildflowers.com/                         http://www.planetepassion.eu/WILD-FLOWERS-IN-FRANCE/Wild-flowers-of-France%20.html

Incidentally the plant I was looking up turned out to be Potentilla montana which does not grow in GB and despite its name is not limited to mountains but grows through much of France but not the more northerly areas. It is quite common here along roadsides.

Now within the confines of what I can do on this blog, I think the most user friendly way to organise it is by colour of plant, and then you will have to browse through all the photos. I can put a brief amount of info with each photo but it will mainly be the photo which will have to speak for itself. So its down to the photographer to take some decent shots. I hope he is up to it.

To see other photos I have taken click Alamy Photos

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