Useful Links

If you. want a link to your website/blog, then contact me and send a banner and I will probably put it on this page

Camerahols / Food, Photography & France is a journal of a food photographer living in France. Click the picture to visit the site.

Want a really up market gite then this is the place for you, Do have a lookat the web site, it looks to have  a great pool.
In Rochefoucauld there are two good outlets where you can get smart.One is Carey Hawkins weddings ( and the other is Je ne sais Quoi,
One does make up, not just for weddings, and the other is largely clothes, mens, womens and accesories; so no excuse for looking a tramp if you are in the Rochefoucauld area!
Je ne Sais Quoi does not have a web site yet but is at 35 Rue des Halles, La Rochefoucauld France 16110 Tel. 05 45 21 05 84

5 thoughts on “Useful Links”

  1. Sounds interesting, but how do I send a banner link?

    • Hello,
      send a banner with your web address and any info you want over a background photo to my email address which is on my avatar and then I can copy the banner onto my links page and then link it to your site as long as I have the site address http://the or whatever.


  2. Hello again, I have made a link using your headline photo, hope you approve, if not let me know….

    Alan W.

  3. Hi Alan, love your blog and would like you to link to my new blog. Not sure how I do it? Help please.

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