Le St.Bernard Pizzeria and Restaurant, Brossac.

Le St. Bernard Pizzeria and Restaurant, Place Eglise, 16480, Brossac; 05 45 98 45 94

This was something of a nostalgic visit as my parents used to own a house in Brossac and this restaurant terrace had been the scene of a number of family meals some years ago.

We returned on a hot September day and so were able to take advantage once more of the terrace in the pretty square dominated by the rather splendid Brossac Church.  The printed menu was not desperately inspired but when the waitress came to take our order it was clear that the expectation was that one would have the unprinted menu du jour which offered salade de gesiers or assiette composee to start, beef rilletes or beef and duck brochettes to follow, and a selection of desserts consisting of the usual suspects.

I had the assiette composee which consisted of a generous selection of fresh and well dressed salad vegetables with cold meat,  The brochette meat was tender and came with a tasty forestiere sauce and frites and the creme brulee to follow was house made and up to standard.

With a half litre carafe of red wine and coffee the bill came to a very reasonable 26 euros.  Service was efficient and came with a smile. In summary, a pleasant if unremarkable meal representing good value in pleasant surroundings.

2 thoughts on “Le St.Bernard Pizzeria and Restaurant, Brossac.”

  1. Sucks, avoid it

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