Le Charlemagne, Charroux

Charlemagne, Charroux

Le Charlemagne, Rue de Rochemeau 86250 Charroux

Tel. : 05 49 87 50 37 Tel. : 06 85 76 61 36

Email : hostellerie-charlemagne@orange.fr

This to my mind is one of the best eating establishments in the Civray area, it has been established for longer than we have had a house in the vicinity which is over 20 years and we have been regular visitors over the years. Not that frequent it has to be said, probably every two years or so but that still adds up to around 10 visits.  Possibly one of the reasons for not visiting more often is that it does not have the facility to eat outside and we probably spend more time in France during the warmer months and so for a long time a favourite eating place was the Pizzeria in Surin which is sadly no more and offered much more than just Pizza although having said that Aldo’s pizzas were the best I have ever had.  I digress….. there’s a change.Hostellerie Charlem9


Location is directly opposite the Halle in Charroux, so for those who know the area there is good parking close by and if you don’t know then just park in the car park in the centre of the village and its only a one minute walk away.   From the outside it looks a bit uninspired but do not let that put you off. I have often wondered why the owners do not try to get some tables set up under the Halle, even if it was only for pre dinner drinks. I know it would mean crossing the road with the drinks  but that happens all the time in bigger cities. Perhaps they have tried to get permission to set up across the road and not been successful or maybe they do not think it appropriate.Hostellerie Charlem8

Don’t just take my word for it have a look on Tripadvisor, which is notorious for having nasty reviews from customers who found one tiny thing wrong and then slag off everything about the place. Le Charlemagne as it is known on Tripadvisor comes out very well. Click here to see the reviews    Tripadvisor review

Hostellerie Charlem7The chef is Pierre Martel which sounds like a good cheffy name he specialises in high quality French cuisine, but sometimes goes for something a bit strange like rosemary sorbet which was actually quite good.  I presume it is his wife Cathy Martell who is the hostess and is always very friendly and tolerant of British who try to speak French, she actually speaks good English but will persevere in French as long as the customer wants, and she speaks slowly and clearly when needed  in contrast with Parisian waiters.


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  1. We like it too!!

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