Bistrot du Boucher, Poitiers

31, rue Carnot 86000 Poitiers Tel 05 49 03 37 02  Web site for the Poitiers establishment is

terrasseWe cannot claim to have “discovered” this restaurant as it is currently the top ranked restaurant in Poitiers according to Trip Advisor.  A couple of years ago when I was unaware of its ranking I tried to book a table for an evening meal at short notice and was surprised to be told that they had nothing available before 9.30 pm.  We were too hungry to wait that long so we missed out.

Against that background expectations were high and were exceeded!  The initial impression is immediately positive.  We were greeted as soon as we walked through the door – no standing around awkwardly waiting for someone to notice us.  The decor was a combination of the elegant and nostalgic – white tablecloths and walls decorated with period posters and thirties memorabilia -old leather suitcases, a vintage typewriter and radio were displayed in the corner where we were seated.

There were 2 menus restricted to weekday lunchtimes amd we both opted for the menu at 14.90 euros which offered 2 courses from a variety of 5 or 6 choices for each with wine included .  In addition to the printed menu there were 2 daily specials available for each course.

Alan had the gravadlax which he found to be excellent – generous and firm.  I went for their house terrine which could not be faulted and was accompanied by an excellent chutney, gherkins and a generous helping of well dressed salad.

To follow we both had the daily specials.  Alan went for the fish which was skate wing which again found approval. The flavoured butter with capers was perfect and the dish was accompanied with boiled potatoes and broccoli.  I had the beef which was lean and perfectly cooked a point as requested and this  came with confit potatoes, a rocket salad and a superb wild mushroom flan.

When we ordered coffee we were presented with a menu offering 15-20 different coffees – not expressos/lattes/mecchiatos but 15-20 different sources of coffee – Ethiopian/Brazilian/Costa Rican etc!  We both ordered Ethiopian Moka which was excellent and came with the obligatory biscuit and a complimentary glass of cherries marinated in cherry liqueur.

I read once that you should judge a restaurant by the state of its toilets!  If that is right this restaurant scores on that front too with its art deco flavour.

Service was friendly,attentive and super efficient.  The bill for what was a gastronomic delight totalled 40 euros and that included kirs and olives before the meal representing outstanding value.

I suspect this restaurant will not lose its number 1 ranking any time soon and we will certainly return – but we will make sure we book!

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