France Ancienne

France is changing but there are still reminders of times gone by. There is the obvious like the churches and old buildings but there are other reminders of the past.

Some are literally fading fast, such as the advertisements that were painted onto the walls of buildings close to main roads. Many of these are now becoming indecipherable. I am going to try photographing some of them and then try to enhance the colors to artificially bring them back to their former glory. I will present you with the unadulterated picture and the enhanced version as except in special circumstances like the one I am describing, I am against the use of too much photoshop.

Also there are old buildings or structures some of which are being preserved and others which are falling by the wayside. Things like village water pumps, corn stores, lavoirs, halles, pigeonniers, factories  and abri de cantonniers.

Going back many years ie 4,000 to 7,000 there are Dolmen of which there are quite a few in this region

2 thoughts on “France Ancienne”

  1. Carollyn Fardell said:

    I am amazed at your photos. I have signed up to follow your blog and I am excited to have found it as my granddaughter is absolutely fascinated by France. She will really love some of your images and we will learn so much about abeautiful country. I visited it in 1998 and have dreams to return one day so this will help medecide where I want to visit and why. Thank you and keep posting quality photos and information. I can escape in my mind to france at anytime now by reading your info and looking at accompanying pictures.
    Carol from Australia.

    • Hello, sorry for the delay in replyin and the lack of posts for the last 2 weeks, I have been away but Thanks for signing up to the blog and I hope you enjoy the future posts, will do my best to maintian and improve the quality of the photos. Great to hear from people who like my photos. Thats why I take them. Thanks.

      Alan W

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