Restaurant le Bouton D’Or, St Romain, Vienne

Restaurant le Bouton D’OrRestaurant St Romain1

10 Grand Rue 86250 Saint Romain

05 49 87 55 17    or  09 6739 55 17

This is a very welcome addition to places to eat that are local to us. The chef and host provides a very warm welcome on arrival which is a good start. The restaurant is open for lunch six days a week – Tuesday to Sunday – and from Tuesday to Saturday offers a set 5 course meal inclusive of a litre bottle of cider or wine for 14 euros. (On Sundays there is a more elaborate and expensive menu available.) The menu changes every day and we were told that all ingredients are fresh – nothing frozen- so the menu depends entirely upon what is currently available.

On the day of our visit we had what was described as gazpacho but rather than the Spanish version this was a creamy veloute complete with a sprinkling of truffle. We have been informed that his friendly little dog is a truffle hound so it is not unusual to find truffles featuring somewhere on the menu,  This was followed by a tasty little Greek style salad with an excellent parsley and garlic dressing.  The meat course was chicken and veal in a mild curry sauce with rice – very tender meat and the sauce was delicious. We were then presented with an enormous cheese board – Alan counted 17 different types of cheese – and  this was simply left on our table for us to make our choices.  Finally we had a creamy coffee flavoured dessert topped with crushed nuts on a biscuit base.  Everything was well presented and expertly cooked and at 52 euros for three of us including three aperitifs and three coffees it was exceptionally good value.  I suspect that we will be finding our way here fairly regularly from now on and we would certainly recommend it although bear in mind that it is necessary to book to be sure of securing a table.

Here are a selection of photos I took whilst we were there.

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I should thank Susie Kelly for prompting us to go to this restaurant, we had noticed that it was looking good and attracting more and more customers recently, but the recommendation did galvanise us into driving the 5 minutes down the road to visit it!

They are also on tripadvisor, though you will not find a better reviewer than my wife. Finally they do take away pizzas in the evenings and I will be trying them soon.

Update; Feb/March 2015 have visited twice in the last 10 days. This has to be the best value restaurant in Poitou-Charentes. I do not know how he makes a profit.

Do visit and enjoy the good food and the excellent service.


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2 thoughts on “Restaurant le Bouton D’Or, St Romain, Vienne”

  1. je viens de trouver ceci sur mon restaurant,cela me chauffe le coeur ,et je tiens personnellement vous remercier ,mais moi Francis je ne demande pas autant . ceci reste un restaurant traditionnel avec des produits français et 80 % des légumes produit du jardin ,dont un a st romain et l’autre a nanteuil en vallée,le menu est établie le matin même…, ne me demander pas de ce qu’il auras demain car je vous redonderais je ne le sait pas encore ….bientôt un projet de réouverture d’un autre établissement ,pizzeria et pâtes a st romain.mais cela reste actuellement un projet en cours que j’espère se feras l’ouverture début janvier je n’oublie jamais que si le bouton d’or existe cela est grâces

    aux client ,merci a vous tous et que le soleil brille dans vos coeur

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