Le Skipper; St.Martin de Re

Le Skipper
27, quai de la Poithevinière
17410 SAINT-MARTIN DE RE (Sur le port de Saint-Martin)

Téléphone : 05 46 09 20 38
Mail : info@leskipper.fr

Website http://www.leskipper.fr/restaurant-saint-martin-de-re/

A popular and elegant restaurant situated on the pretty port of St. Martin de Re.  There is a selection of menus available and we went for the 28 euro menu which offered 5 or 6 choices for each course.  I ordered the marinated salmon with a Parmesan parmentier to start and Alan had the foie gras with chutney.  My dish was lifted by the base of the still slightly warm fresh baked Parmesan biscuit which gave a nice crunchy contrast to the cream cheese and smoked salmon which topped it. Alan’s serving of foie gras was generous and the chutney which accompanied it was particularly good but if there was a criticism it was that the foie gras was a little too cold and solid.

I went for the beef fillet for main course and that was absolutely excellent.  It was a thick slice of fillet, very rare as requested and beautifully  tender.  The braised shallots and root vegetables which accompanied it along with a soft and fluffy baked potato were excellent.  Alan had the cod fillet which was thick and flaky and well cooked.

I finished with the cheese plate which consisted of 3 decent portions of cheese all at their absolute best.  Alan ordered the cafe gourmand which he was not so impressed with but he had to admit that this was perhaps because it was not a good choice for him as he doesn’t really like cakes or biscuits and what he got was a coffee – accompanied by little cakes and biscuits!

The meal was very good all in all but the one false note was sounded  by the fact that Alan ordered a bottle of the local Ile de Re wine at 17 euros a bottle.  The waiter gave a sharp intake of breath and shook his head – Alan asked if this meant that this was not a good choice and he said that it was not – the wine was not good at all.  All the other wines on the list cost in excess of 30 euros a bottle and the Sancerre wine we landed up with cost 35 euros which made the total cost of the meal, at 109 euros very expensive even by Ile de Re standards.  One does wonder what the point is of including wine on the wine list which the waiter is going to warn you away from!

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