Le Cafe de Commerce, Rochefoucauld.

Rochefoucauld (April 4th 2012) Le Cafe de Commerce 16 La Rochefoucauld

A traditional restaurant offering excellent value in the centre of Rochefoucauld.  The Menu du Jour – which everyone had- consisted of 5 courses starting with a soup, followed by a buffet of hors d’oeuvres with the usual mix of salads, cold meats, pate and rillette, a blanquette de veau with salad and mashed potatoes, a cheeseboard (left on the table – always a plus) and a creme caramel, all house made as madame – who had made it- was keen to point out. A half litre of house wine and 2 coffees brought the total cost of the meal up to 27 euros.

The only fault with the meal was that the main course was not hot but the service was efficient and very friendly and the atmosphere was lively with a mix of locals and tourists.  Not fine dining but good, plentiful honest food and well worth a try.

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