Zoo trips in Poitou-Charentes

Chize, Coypu

In my opinion France does zoos really well. The animals are in huge spaces and with very natural settings, the information presented about each species is detailed and informative, they have a good breeding record and strong links back to the animals place of origin.  Locally in Poitou Charente is the Valley de Singe (Monkey Valley) and the Zoodysee at Chize which is a european zoo and then just outside the region is a fantastic zoo at Doue La Fontaine called Bioparc.

I am not keen on birds in cages at Zoos and the zoo at Chize does have a few such as a Barn Owl and some Snowy Owls in large cages but not sufficient for them to fly about naturally as the do in the wild. This is my one reservation about the Zoodysee. So let them go and concentrate on the mammals and reptiles. The Bioparc at Doue La Fontaine also has some birds, particularly parrots and Ibises but they are housed in a massive enclosure which you walk into and the parrots can fly about completely naturally. This is the only venue I have visited where the birds can really fly properly.

Here are a few photos from each of these venues.

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