Les Orangeries;

Les Orangeries, Lussac5 Hotel-Restaurant Les Orangeries
12, avenue du Docteur Dupont
86320 Lussac-Les-Chàteaux

Tèl. : +33 (0)5 49 84 07 07

Web site http://www.lesorangeries.fr/

This is an excellent restaurant for a special occasion, a celebration or just if you want to treat yourself.  The restaurant consists of a pretty shaded garden for sunny days, as on the day we went, and an elegant orangerie if the weather is not quite so clement.  The selling point of the restaurant is its organic produce either from their own garden or from local suppliers and the quality of the ingredients really does make a difference.  To start Alan had the garden vegetables – a large mix including fine asparagus, baby turnips and flowers- all of which were of the highest quality- topped with an excellent sauce and summer truffles, and I had pigeon breasts cooked to perfection on a pea puree with raw fresh peas which were bursting with fresh flavour.  We both had stuffed rolled breast of guinea fowl as our main course on a bed of creamy pureed potato with broccoli and courgettes and again it was really the flavourful fresh vegetables which were the star of the show.  To finish we had a marquise de chocolat which was a selection of chocolate delights.  The service was impeccable and everything was beautifully presented.  Our wine was an organic wine from a small producer in Thouars – strangely enough this was a vineyard which we knew as we visited it a couple of years ago and bought some wine from there.  The restaurant is not cheap – 104 euros for three courses with wine. sparkling water and coffee – but it is not ordinary either and as stated it is a first class dining occasion if you want to be spoilt.

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