What’s on in Poitou-Charentes; March 2017


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March, already, so Spring is finally here. Lots of stuff on this monthterri-017-aff-202x300



Jour de Carnival; Poitiers: 8th March (more)

Printemps des Poets; Niort: 4th to 19th March (more)

Concert; La Belle Bleue, Le Chateau D’Oleron 10th March (more)

Reggae The Mighty Diamonds, Angouleme La Nef 10th March (more) check site for other gigs.

Venitien Carnival; Etaules: 12th March (more)

La Tete dans les Nuages – magic, circus,arts, and dance for youngsters; Angouleme; 11th to 18th March (more) 

Concert Best Of Floyd à Chasseneuil du Poitou le 14 mars 2017 (more)

Marathons and Half Marathons at various locations, Bressuire, La Rochelle, St Eutrope,and Taillebourg, throughout March (more) 

Celtic Legends; Bressuire:17th March (more)

Concert, Wax Tailor Angouleme La Nef  23rd March (more)

Terri’Thouars Blues: Thouars: 30th March to 2nd April (more)

Rochefort Pacifique cinema (L’Archipel des Marquaise); Rochefort 29th March to 2nd April. (more)

Foire at Rouillac: 27th March

Journées des métiers d’art en France,    Cognac 31st March to 2nd of April (more) This is a world wide event with lots of venues, Cognac is just one : check web site for others.

What’s on in Poitou-Charentes ????? not 100% sure


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As you probably know one of the features of my Poitou-Charentes blog is an extensive list of what is on.cropped-0212

( The Comprehensive guide to what’s on in Poitou-Charentes )

It has become one of the most visited pages on the site, though the page about snakes still seems to top the list !

At this time of year I try to compile the list for the forthcoming year, already it is getting quite a few hits because no doubt people are planning their year or their holidays and would  like to be in the region when certain events are on.

However it does amaze me how many events which take place every year at more or less the same time have not yet got their 2017 agenda on the internet. I have just been trying to prepare the events for August 2017 and some quite major events still only have their 2016 web page available.   For example the Confolens music festival which has in this year its 60th aniversary still has 2016!!!  If you type into google http://www.festivaldeconfolens.com/ then this is what you get

Surely this does nothing to enhance their visitor numbers, maybe the Confolens  event is so popular that they do not care, but for other less popular venues I would have thought having their programme on the internet by the beginning of the year was a must.

What’s on in Poitou-Charentes; February 2017


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 This is some of what is on in Poitou-Charentes in February….  it seems like I have listed quite a lot. It is always worth checking out the tourist sites for the individual departments. I have put links to these on the page which covers all the events for the year  Some of these sites are easier to use than others but isn’t that always the case.

February 2017


Spectacle Mozart Group, Saint Benoit 2nd Feb  2017 (more)

Labulkrack; Bressuire;  Le theatre de Bressuire 4th Feb (more)

Anne Paceo; La Rochelle, La Coupe d’Or 2nd Feb (more) 

Spectacle Olivier De Benoist, Vouneuil Sous Biard 3rd Feb (more)
Concert The Wackids , Vouneuil Sous Biard   4th Feb (more)
Orchestre des Champs-Élysées  Saintes, Abbaye aux Dames, 8th Feb (more) Check web site for other events
Stage de musique de chamber, Saintes, Abbaye aux Dames, 6th to 10th Feb (more) 
LE TOUR DE VALSE d’après la BD de Pellejero & Lapière;  Ruffec 10th Feb (more)
Foire de Truffles: Villebois-lavalette : 11th February (more)
Flea market, Angouleme 11th Feb (more)
Festival Escale d’humour  Royan 11th to 13th Feb (more)

Dire de Monde Saints, 14th to 19th Feb (more)

ULYSSE NUIT GRAVEMENT À LA SANTÉ Cie le Cri de l’armoire Ruffec 16th Feb (more)

Trail de Val d’Egray,  Marathon and Half Marathon, Champdeniers 26th Feb (more)

Mimosa Festival: Saint-Trojan-les Bains: 17th,18th and 19th Feb (more) 2days earlier than last year is this global warming?   ‘No such thing’…. D Trump.mimosador2015

Festival International d’Echecs de Rochefort – Chess championship: Rochefort: 18th to 24th Feb (more)

Journées des Moulins Vivants du Bandiat, de La Tardoire, de l’Argence et de la Colle. 25th and 26th Feb (more) Check web site for which Windmills are open.Moulin

Foire de Truffles: Jarnac: every Tuesday morning in February (more)

Ancient Weapons Fair: Poitiers: 26th Feb (more)

Carnival, Les Mathes 26th Feb (more)

Film; FLEUR DE TONNERRE  Blanzac 28th Feb (more) Check web site for other films.

Foire de Truffles:Jarnac: every Tuesday morning till end of Feb (more)


What’s on in Poitou-Charentes; January 2017


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Sorry this is a bit late but there are a few days left so if you are looking for something to do this weekend then this might help. Future months are now being worked on and will be available soon. January and February are truffle months, why not visit one of the markets…. you can breathe in and smell them without having to buy…. if you want to buy then take plenty of money. mmarchy-aux-truffes2

January 2017

Retro mobile Club; Cognac Chateaubernard ;21st and 22nd Jan. (more)

Jazz a  Saint Sat: Saint Saturnin 13th to 22nd January (more)

Oiron Expostion; Oirion; 25th January (more)

Festival International de la Bande Dessinée: Angouleme: 26th January to 29th January (more)

CONCERT : LA FEMME + 1ERE PARTIE: La Rochelle 26th January (more)

La Belle Afrik: La Rochelle 27th January (more)

Marche au Truffles; Vilebois-Lavallette  28th Jan (more)

Foire de Truffles: Jarnac every Tuesday morning through January/February (more)



Harmonica solos


Now I know that some of my friends in Poitou-Charentes and for that matter some of my Westfield college friends are aficionados of good Rhythm and Blues/Rock/Blues music.img1450110445192-168-1-139

I was flicking through the channels as you do, especially when you are home alone, because my wife is away doing the decent thing by taking her 93 year old mother to Lanzarote for a bit of sun…anyway I came across some old footage of Culture club doing Karma Chameleon, and it is good.. but what elevates it is the harmonica.

That set me thinking and for such a simple instrument it is responsible for some of the most brilliant tracks and here are a few. You can click on the links to hear them.

Led Zeppelin   Bring it on home   

Paul Butterfields Blues Band   Everything’s going to be alright

Beatles     Love me do  now this is a fairly average song, very much of its time but without the harmonic it would be quite poor and who knows without it, it might have been the end for the Beatles???

So there are just 3 well four if you include Boy George and I am sure you will have your favourites, but the point is the addition of a bit of Harp invariably improves a song.



Mellow Thursday in Poitou-Charentes; Black Friday tomorrow!


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Yesterday was grey, but today is mellow. It is a colour, like yellow but more rounded and with greys and browns mingled in.  It is sort of autumnal but I think you could get mellow in other seasons.mellow-thursday5I had a short walk around the environs of our house but it took some time as I was messing about taking photos.mellow-thursday1

You need good light for mellow, not necessarily the magic light you get when there are black clouds, but the sun is still shining in one part of the sky. However it is  that sort of light, but not so dramatic.mellow-thursday6

The old outbuildings are always good for a photo, I especially like the blend of old wood and mellow stone.mellow-thursday3

Autumn berries provide nice mellow shots, especially these spindle berries, less harsh than the bright orange rose hips, these are a more mellow pink colour.mellow-thursday8

The Oak trees are at their autumn best now and with some grey skies looked quite beautiful.mellow-thursday4

This is the dead seed head of a type of wild carrot, which is quite common along the road sides, has white flowers in summer but is grey brown now.mellow-thursday7

And finally one last shot of some more old buildings.mellow-thursday2I have about 50 more similar shots but thought 8 would be sufficient… probably too many. Also they are best viewed full size, they look nicer.

Cranes ( Grus grus )


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Several groups of Cranes have been passing over today, heading south. Me I am heading north…. who is brightest me or the cranes? Anyway this small group of 8 flew over and I took a few photos.cranes1

Then two of them peeled off and started to head back north…. odd I thought, they did not go far and then circled back round, but continued to circle. They did about three circuits and all the time making a lot of noise.cranes2

Then one lone crane appeared and it was honking very loudly.cranes3

It joined up with the other two and then all three headed off southwards again.cranes4

I presume this was a young one which had got detached from the group and Mum and Dad had slowed up to let it catch up… How nice.

Grey France

You do get days in rural France when it is grey. Not just normal grey but all pervading, blanketing, noiseless, still, depressing grey.grey-france1

One of the things I really like about this part of France is the stillness. When some years ago I was working and stress was part of my life I valued a break in France particularly for the peace and absolute quiet.grey-france4

However on a grey day that peace acts to accentuate the grey. There is no wind there is a light rain, the sky is uniform and grey.grey-france2

The camera does lie, it makes it look less grey than it actually is.grey-france3

France does grey better than anywhere else I know.grey-france5


Radio 4 Today programme



On our way back from Spain to GB so a few days in France Poitou-Charentes ( I know its not called that any more) and we have the joy??? of waking up next to John Humphries.p022vhzk

Between the crackles and buzzes caused by thunderstorms and the fridge turning itself on and off I detected stuff about Trump, Farrage, Broadband, passports for hospital treatment ( that would have been a problem for my Mum and Dad) and stuff about Russia and ballistic missiles.  However the only news, ie stuff that had actually happened was that West Brom had beaten Burnley 4-0. Oh and that there was a photo of a man in Bristol in one of the papers with water up to his waist.

How nice to be returning to normality.