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Please follow my blog called Woodlandwildflowers.com ……. Why?

Well,  I am attempting to convert it into a book.

The blog is called, as I said  http://www.woodlandwildflowers.com, I have mentioned it in the past but then it had the rather cumbersome name of http://www.woodlandwildflowers.wordpress.com so I recently paid a little bit of money and now we have the shortened and somewhat easier to remember version.

In fact I set up the blog with the intention of one day producing a book, it was just a way of getting all my writing and all my photos into one place. Now it is more or less complete in that there are roughly 170 woodland wildflowers in the UK that I want to write about and photo and I have now covered about 140 of them.

I also had the intention of including a substantial amount of what I loosely call background material. This is information on things like the evolution of land plants, the structure of woodlands, the history of woodlands since the last Ice age, also things like how to estimate the age of a tree, or a chapter on hedgerows, which I describe as very long narrow woodlands.    All of this has been completed, it needs checking by my wife as my grammar and spelling is sometimes not 100%. I passed English Language ‘O’ level but the grade was only middling.

Now I am writing what is known as a ‘book proposal’ which you evidently send to agents and publishers telling them why they should publish your book. Evidently this is possibly more important than the book which you do not send to them. You should so I have read include some sample chapters, but not the whole thing.

Part of the proposal includes establishing that there is a need for your book and that there is an interest in the subject……. and that is why I am asking for people to follow my blog as the more followers it has the better. (So far it only has 249 followers which is not big in internet terms.) More followers will help me persuade the agents and publishers that there will be a market for the book. Also I think that you will find the blog interesting, you could even recommend it to your friends?

So have a look at http://www.woodlandwildflowers.com and then write nice comments and more important please follow it….. Thank you.