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Whats on in October, well the emphasis is not surprisingly on smaller events that can be held indoors. I have picked out a few that caught my eye. Possibly the visit to a farm producing blue green algae ‘Spiruline’ is one of the weirdest that I have ever included and as always I would urge you to avoid all the Circus events that include wild animals.

EXPOSITION 14-18;  (World war one) Cognac, its on for all of October and November (more)

Between the two towers Jazz Festival: La Rochelle: 3rd to 6th October 2018 (more)

Le Festival International des Pertuis et Îles du Monde: Salle des Fêtes 17730 PORT DES BARQUES 4th to 7th Oct (more)

VISITE DE LA FERME DE PRODUCTION DE SPIRULINE  Spiruline ???? Its a blue green algae and it is supposed to be good for you Le Bouin 6310 ROUSSINES 5th October  (more)

Rallaye dunes et Marais, Cozes,  5th,6th and 7th October  (more)

LE FESTIVAL DES AVENTURIERS Tonnay Charente 6th and 7th October (more)






CONCERT NORMAN JACKSON BAND La Rochelle 8th October (more)

Concert Festival Vox Musica à Jaunay Clan le 11 Octobre 2018 (more)

EXPOSITION “LES CHAMPIGNONS” Toutvent17210 MONTLIEU LA GARDE; 13th to 30th October and also again in November (more)

CHICAGO BLUES FESTIVAL;  My kind of music but unfortunately the web site gives very little indication about what is actually happening…worth keeping an eye on, maybe? MONTEMBOEUF 17th October (more)

Golf Bluegreen de Niort –  More Blue green but not algae this time.  Initiation gratuite de 2h Niort 21st Oct. (more)

SORTIE ORNITHOLOGIQUE; Maison des Lacs Le Bourg 16310 MASSIGNAC 20th Oct (more)

Spectacle Le Grand Cirque St-Petersbourg Légende It is on again this year various places like Poitiers on  27th and 28th  October 2018 (more)

I would suggest you do not visit these Circus events. They give the wrong message to children about respect for wild animals.

Instead why not visit this event and enjoy the wildlife filmed where it should be, ie in the wild.…..Festival international du Film Ornithologique; Meningoute: 30th Oct to 4th Nov. (more)