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JUNE. Hope you all survived the storms ????

500 Ferraris contre le cancer: Val de Vienne, Le Vigeant:  31st May 1st, 2nd 3rd  June  (more)

Festival Musiques Metisses, Angouleme 1st 2nd and 3rd June  (more)

EXPOSITION DE PEINTURES DE CARLOS DA SILVA Fouras 1st to 7th June, The Argentine painter not the footballer! (more)

Concert Festival la voix du Rock à Couhe le 2 juin 2018 (more)

Regate le Grand Largue St Denis D Oleron 2nd June (more)

Visite guidée de l’église Notre-Dame Niort 3rd June but also other dates (more)

Les Visiteur de L’Autre Monde; Chateau-Larcher 1st and 2nd June also 8th and 9th June (more)

Spectacles nocturnes Coeurs en Bataille; Nouaille-Maupetuis: 2nd 3rd and 4th June (more) ; Not sure if link is to 2018 web site or last years… they only put dates not years on their site!!!

Festival Musiques et Gastronomiques du Monde, Mathes  3rd and 4th June (more)

Notes en Vert at Perigny 8th 9th and 10th (more)

Festival Plein Sud; Cozes : 9th May to 14th May (more)

Terre d’images : exposition de photo Thouars 9th June (more)

Portes ouvertes Rock School Diff’Art + Puces Culturelles Parthenay 9th June,  You could find some rare vinyl worth a fortune…probably not.(more)

Festival de Melle 18th June (more)

Half Marathon; Niort: 10th June (more) 

Arthur de Richemont et la guerre de Cent Ans Parthenay 15th June  For a bit of background reading have a look at my blog about ‘English possessions in France’   (more)

Highland Games; Bressuire: June sometime so far nothing about 2018 here is a link to a site about previous events!! (more)

(Polychromies de Notre Dame le Grand; Poitiers: starts 22nd June then every night till 21st Sept. (More)

L’escargouille (snail farm) open day; Blanzay: (around the 15th June ) (more) This site is always well out of date…..Rather like the occupants, the owners are rather slow in updating their web site! They also sell products in local markets check site for dates.

Maraisthon; Coulon: 16th and 17th June (more)

Fête de la musique 2018 Poitiers 21st June (more)

Fete de la Saint Jean, Les Mathes 24th  June (more)

Vintage Cars Grand Prix ; Bressuire: 23rd 24th  June  (more)

Le festival de les Sarabandes, Rouillac    29th June to 1st July (more)

Free Music festival; Montendre: 22nd and 23rd June (more)

Jazz à Vienne & Saison Jazz  (loads of stuff all over check web site); Vienne 28th June – 13th July (more)

Respire Jazz festival; Aignes et Puyperoux: 28th 29th and 30th June also 1st July (more)