Rallye International de Charente 2017 photos


4 thoughts on “Rallye de Charente 20174”

  1. Alastair Gordon said:

    Hi, lovely photos, a fantastic memory of a wonderful day. We were first away after the coffee stop and were following our new friends Nick and Karen after wrong slotting near Cellefrouin, the pressure of being first on the road must have got to us! We would very much like an hd image of our two Mogs, many thanks.

  2. Alastair Gordon said:

    Hi, many thanks, I imagined that you would see my comment underneath the photo I was referring to and with my email address, but the blog obviously doesn’t work like that, no matter, I can rectify both those things. The photo is as you’ve guessed, of the two Morgans, our friends’ grey one (BX14 LAA) in front and our green one (R25 Mog) behind, a really nice photo and the only one I have seen so far of the two cars in one shot. My email address is gordonsad@btinternet.com Many thanks once again, Alastair Gordon

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