Some stats on my blog called ‘Poitoucharentesinphotos’

I started it on 15th October 2011, It was my daughters idea because I was bemoaning the situation that I took lots of photos and most of them only got seen by a very few people.   This was the first photo I published.

Originally I thought just to put on photos and a brief bit of info but gradually the info increased, hopefully not by too much. I found it interesting to research local history and to produce articles which other people might find interesting and all the time using my own photos.

Gradually the blog generated more and more interest. The wordpress site lets you see how many hits you have had, where they came from, which country etc etc  You can see how many hits each article has received and number of hits per month etc.

OK here are some stats.

Number of hits to date. 151,917

Number of hits this month 6,876

Most visited blogs;

Home page…. 33,356

Snakes in Poitou-Charentes…. 15,221

Why do the English refer to the French as Frogs? ….5,379 ( This post is now getting the most hits of all, it was only published a couple of years ago so is catching up)

Comprehensive guide to What’s on in Poitou-Charentes. 2017…. 5,153

Tree lined roads in France…..4,989

Market days in Poitou-Charentes….3,322

Towns and Villages in Poitou-Charentes…..2,432

And so it goes on.

The most hits I have had on one day is 1,166 and the day was June 10th 2016 and the subject was part of the series I did in the run up to the Brexit vote and called Oradour sur Glane.

You can view any of the posts mentioned by just clicking on the links.