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The site where I am getting most of these old post cards from is Cartes Postales Anciennes de CIVRAY (86) do have a look I do not think they are for sale, it is just someone making them available for folk to look at. There are other sites with a more limited range where they are for sale. This site also has some cards from nearby places like Charroux and Lizant .

Many of the cards have the place printed on them and they often they have a  name of what one assumes was the photographer. One of the names that is often found on the cards is Eug. Texereau. Here is a close up of what you find on his cards… a bit fuzzy as it has been enlarged considerably. You can also see it says Lib. and Pap.

On one of the many postcards I noticed a shop and the name above the door says Eug Texereau, and it is a bookshop and newsagents, no doubt also selling postcards.

So it may have been that Eugene was the photographer or maybe he employed someone else and then put the name of his shop on the cards. Here is the photo with his shop towards the left. This is not one of his cards  though. It was produced by Nouvelles Galeries and the name of the photographer is on the card P.de Beaulieu and the site says it was taken on 20th Sept 1920.

You can fairly easily make out Libraire and Papetere and if you squint then below you can see his name. The building is still there today, below is a photo I took recently (June 2017) in this the Boulangerie looks to be a more modern construction.




Eugene’s shop is the one with three white windows and two little windows above. Here is a closer view.

And finally this is a photo I took back in about 1990 when the shop sold pens of the Waterman brand. Excellent make but nothing to do with me unfortunately. The photo below is a bit rough as it is a photo of the original which was then taken on a film camera.

There are still Texereau’s  living in Civray, there is even a Rue Guy Texereau. Guy was a steeplechase runner in the 1960’s he represented France in 3 Olympic games 1960,1964 and 1968 . On Wikipedia it says that he was born in Melle but that his parents had a shop in Civray , probably Eugene Texereau would have been his Grandfather. In this photo I believe Guy is the one in the middle.

Evidently Eugene was Mayor of Civray  1925 to 1929 There is a list of Civray mayors.