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Nowak Immobilier is closed… the end of an era. We bought our house in France from this agency way back in 1991 but having looked them up I see it started in 1969!

How many Brits passed through their hands over the years? I remember we had made an appointment and met in the office in Civray. Monsieur Nowak took us out to visit several properties. He had a big black Volvo estate and he drove like a lunatic. He was a very nice man but being a passenger was terrifying.

I wondered if it was some sort of ploy to get you to buy a house, then you would not have to endure any more narrow country roads at 120kmph or more. We did make an offer on one house but it was not accepted and we had a budget.

In the afternoon John Reid took us round some more houses, much nicer, the driving and indeed the houses. We, well I was torn between one in Surin and one just out side Chappelle Baton. We decided to sleep on it. The Surin one had a better view but was awkward and on a slope. the Chappel Baton did not have a view, well not at that stage as the garden was completely overgrown and inpenetrable.

The following day we met up with John again and his opening sentence was ‘Well, do you want the one in Surin or do you want the nice one’ Just as well really that we had both decided on the ‘nice one’.

John and Ruth were very helpful both with the purchase and afterwards, bringing people like Jean Pierre Brun to help with plumbing and Monsieur Barraud from Ruffec  (LocVehMat) to help with building work. I was sad to hear that John passed away some years later.

If you read this Ruth then many thanks. the best purchase I ever made.