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I have now sorted out where the college is located, (right beside the former Caisse d’Epargne … should have opened my eyes a bit more!)  and I have photographed it, but not from quite the right angle and there was a car parked in the way, but I will get there in the end. This is a post card from 21st November 1911, the person who took the photo is not credited. Did the boy in the photo survive the first world war?


Here is another from virtually the same angle. This was taken on 30th July also in 1911, and is credited to Eug. Texereau   At some stage is was named as Lycée André Theuriet de Civray . However given that it  was built in 1805 and Monsuier Theuriet was not born till 1833 then in its early years it would have had another name.

Thanks to FB friend Robin Pywell I found that the college was buit as a result of instructions from Napoleon back in 1805 it still looks to have the same railings today as in the photos from 1911, but there now seems to be two gates.

There is quite a bit of information about the college on Wikipedia with a list of all the former principals.

Who was Andre Theuriet?

Claude-Adhémar- was born on 8 October 1833 in Marly-le-Roi and died on 23 April 1907 in Bourg-la-Reine.  A poet, novelist and French dramatist, he first published several collections of verses to be crowned by the French Academy and collaborated in various political and illustrated journals; He published eighty novels, and two hundred and eighty-six titles, including tales and short stories.

So really the question is why was the college named after him? He does not look like a bundle of fun. There is much more about him at Claude Adhemar Andre Theuriet if you are interested.

Finally one last postcard this from 1917 and attributed to someone with the initials JSD…