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This building which is by the traffic lights on the main road through Civray from the N10 towards Limoges is a former bank.

This side view has a remarkable similarity to the College which it is directly opposite, I wonder if they were built at the same time and designed by the same architect, the college was built in 1805. However the dorma windows and roof are not quite the same  and this building has a large clock tower at the right hand end. Here is a better photo of the clock tower part.











This is entitled  ‘Caisse d’Epargne’  and dated 29th March 1910 and is attributed to Eug. Texereau.

Incidentally the clock stopped at 25 minutes to 7 or 6.35 but whether that was am or pm and what year who knows?

The Caisse d’Epargne is a mutual savings bank with branches all over France it also has a cycling team.  See what Wikipedia has to say about it. There is still a bank of this name in the centre of Civray, more conveniently placed but not so imposing.