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There is a web site with old post cards of Civray, I have mentioned it before. Some of the pictures are of easily recognisable places like the church and the bridges but some are a bit harder to place.

I thought it would be an interesting challenge to try and locate the subjects of these post cards and then to take the same photo today. This afternoon before it rained I roamed around the streets of Civray camera in one hand and a couple of bits of paper in the other on which I had made rough sketches of the postcard photos ( No printer here in France you see) I found some of the locations, here is one called L’Allée des Capucins . It is opposite the traffic lights, by the College. (for those of you who live in the area).









If you would like to see more old postcards then the web site is called Cartes Postales Anciennes de CIVRAY (86)m 

With some of the postcards the site gives you the date the photo was taken but not all and normally it gives the location. I will in due course prepare more ‘past and present’ photos.