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For many years we played a lorry spotting game as we drove to France and back. It started with the famous Norbert Dentresangle and you got one point for each lorry you spotted.

It soon developed into quite a complicated game with one lorry for each country and double points for a ‘special’ ie hauling a tanker or with a double trailer. We had Willi Betz, Eddie Stobart, Catalan Lines, Christian Salvesen, Olloquegi , and many others. Check out my Lorry spotting blog of 2012 with all the names and rules.

On our way back from France yesterday I noticed that not a single Norbert was to be found. Indeed virtually all our point scoring lorries seem to have passed into history.

On return I looked up Norbert and found it was taken over by a company called XPO logistics. Monsieur Dentrasangle is now a very rich man, £3.2 billion rich…. possibly.

We did see one lorry from the good old days, it did not score any points back then but it made us smile. It was Fockedey !!! In fact my wife was the one who saw it.. Later I said I was still keeping my eyes peeled to see if could spot another one. To which she said ‘I think one Fockedey is enough.’   She knew what she was saying… naughty girl.