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As you probably know one of the features of my Poitou-Charentes blog is an extensive list of what is on.cropped-0212

( The Comprehensive guide to what’s on in Poitou-Charentes )

It has become one of the most visited pages on the site, though the page about snakes still seems to top the list !

At this time of year I try to compile the list for the forthcoming year, already it is getting quite a few hits because no doubt people are planning their year or their holidays and would  like to be in the region when certain events are on.

However it does amaze me how many events which take place every year at more or less the same time have not yet got their 2017 agenda on the internet. I have just been trying to prepare the events for August 2017 and some quite major events still only have their 2016 web page available.   For example the Confolens music festival which has in this year its 60th aniversary still has 2016!!!  If you type into google http://www.festivaldeconfolens.com/ then this is what you get

Surely this does nothing to enhance their visitor numbers, maybe the Confolens  event is so popular that they do not care, but for other less popular venues I would have thought having their programme on the internet by the beginning of the year was a must.