Now I know that some of my friends in Poitou-Charentes and for that matter some of my Westfield college friends are aficionados of good Rhythm and Blues/Rock/Blues music.img1450110445192-168-1-139

I was flicking through the channels as you do, especially when you are home alone, because my wife is away doing the decent thing by taking her 93 year old mother to Lanzarote for a bit of sun…anyway I came across some old footage of Culture club doing Karma Chameleon, and it is good.. but what elevates it is the harmonica.

That set me thinking and for such a simple instrument it is responsible for some of the most brilliant tracks and here are a few. You can click on the links to hear them.

Led Zeppelin   Bring it on home   

Paul Butterfields Blues Band   Everything’s going to be alright

Beatles     Love me do  now this is a fairly average song, very much of its time but without the harmonic it would be quite poor and who knows without it, it might have been the end for the Beatles???

So there are just 3 well four if you include Boy George and I am sure you will have your favourites, but the point is the addition of a bit of Harp invariably improves a song.