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Yesterday was grey, but today is mellow. It is a colour, like yellow but more rounded and with greys and browns mingled in.  It is sort of autumnal but I think you could get mellow in other seasons.mellow-thursday5I had a short walk around the environs of our house but it took some time as I was messing about taking photos.mellow-thursday1

You need good light for mellow, not necessarily the magic light you get when there are black clouds, but the sun is still shining in one part of the sky. However it is  that sort of light, but not so dramatic.mellow-thursday6

The old outbuildings are always good for a photo, I especially like the blend of old wood and mellow stone.mellow-thursday3

Autumn berries provide nice mellow shots, especially these spindle berries, less harsh than the bright orange rose hips, these are a more mellow pink colour.mellow-thursday8

The Oak trees are at their autumn best now and with some grey skies looked quite beautiful.mellow-thursday4

This is the dead seed head of a type of wild carrot, which is quite common along the road sides, has white flowers in summer but is grey brown now.mellow-thursday7

And finally one last shot of some more old buildings.mellow-thursday2I have about 50 more similar shots but thought 8 would be sufficient… probably too many. Also they are best viewed full size, they look nicer.