I have for some time been thinking of investing in the services of a stripper. Yesterday I took the plunge.  I decided to shell out a reasonable amount of cash, there are some advertised on the internet for quite low prices and they do promise the earth but I suspect that what they deliver might be well below expectations. At the other end of the scale you can pay out quite a lot of money but all said and done it is just a stripper, so I decided to go mid range. (Quality and performance)

I received a phone call to let me know that the stripper would turn up as I had been promised,  this duly happened at the arranged time and the stripper did look quite professional. It did not take too long before the stripper was prepared and the performace was ready to start.

Initially it was quite a  steady procedure,  the layers came off quite slowly to start with, but layer by layer did get removed, at times it was quite hot and steamy but  as it proceeded the pace did quicken culminating in the climax of the performance with the complete removal of all layers.

As each layer came off, there were often interesting little details to observe, it was quite revealing and kept my attention, which was just as well because the stripper was not to be messed with and you needed to pay close ………. so as not to get your fingers burned.

So,  I can recommend this particular stripper.  It will not be long now  before it will have satisfied my needs so if any of you out there also feel  the  need for the services of a good stripper then the one I presently have will be available and I could let you benefit from the services for a small sum..

Below I have put together a small slide show so you can also take pleasure in what I have been describing. Initially there are some of the interesting details but then you get to see the actual stripper.

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