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My second visit, but the first was about 20 years ago and I suspect it has changed somewhat over the years.aquarium26

Now it is certainly large and impressive, also fairly busy on the first dull day after a long period of very hot sunshine during the school summer holidays. However it was still good despite the crowds.aquarium11

There are lots of animals to look at and marvel at and also take photos of. Everyone was taking photos, selfies, movies and here are a few of mine.


Sea anemones,aquarium2

Jelly fish,aquarium3

Tarpon,aquarium19and some I do not know the names of,aquarium15and corals,aquarium13a pipe fish,aquarium14Yellow tangs, ( we once had one of these in our sea water tropical aquarium, however on return from a holiday it was gone, but we knew what had happened as the octopus which was also resident in the same aquarium had a distinctly yellow hue.)aquarium9Lion fish,aquarium10and lots of sharks.aquarium12There was also this big chap, a grouper, I think?aquarium6and more corals with various pretty fish,aquarium7and finally this one,aquarium8There were many, many, more, this is reputed to be the biggest aquarium in Europe.

There is an area with tropical plants and here you can see terrapins and piranha fish amongst others.aquarium17

Of course there is the dreaded shop and it had a large number of clown fish which were of great interest to the small children.

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I was more impressed by the large fish structure hanging from the ceiling.aquarium25

If you want to it is a good idea to book in advance, then even on a busy day you can avoid the queues.