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th,6th d 7th

August, big holiday month and I will be in France for some of it… lets hope the queue for the ferry is not too long.

So here are some of the events which you might find interesting.


L’Ile aux Livres; Le Bois-plage -en-Re: 5th,6th and 7th  August (more)

Festival de Jazz José Cando; Fouras-les-Bains: 5th to 7th August (more)festival_jazz_fouras_6festival_jazz_fouras_4








Festival de Confolens; Confolens: 10th to 15th August (more)voeuxhaut-745x479

Les Soirees Lyriques de Sanxay; Sanxay: 14th August (more)

Literary festival;Charroux:  In 2015 it was 27th to 29th August, however I think the next is 2017 (more)

Jazz en Re; Isle de Re,  19th to 21st August (more)

Tour de Poitou-Charentes (cycling) 23rd to 26th August (more)

Festival du film Francophone; Angouleme:23rd to 28th August  (more)

Les Choeurs de Feux Angles sur l’Anglin, August 3, (More)  2014 site!!!

Festival du livre Angles sur l’Anglin, August 15 – 17 (More) 2015 site!