Tomorrow is referendum day ( I voted by post a couple of weeks ago).

A vote to remain in the EU is a vote for the status quo. We know what we are getting although some of us will know more about what the EU stands for than others.  If you still think its all about giving up our sovereignty, migration and straight bananas, then you have not read my last 60 articles. They are still available so its not too late to check them out before you vote.

However the EU will not remain as it now for ever. It will evolve and change as it always has done. If we remain a part of it then we will be able to influence the direction it moves in.overcoming-chasm

A vote to leave is a leap in the dark, a leap into a chasm of uncertainty, which will involve complex negotiations, and probably many changes to our relationships with the countries of Europe, more than you ever dreamt of. If we leave then we will not be able to influence the way the EU evolves and changes, but we will have to live with the consequences all the changes that they make.Uncertainty-is-Different-than-Risk

mmm whatever that means…. I think that we can’t asses the risk involved in an exit vote – we do not know whether bridges can be built or if the future will be like walking a tightrope but we do know what we have at the moment and what we have is a better life than we have ever had. And for the future, that is as always unknown.

That’s it…… no more politics and back to wild flowers, restaurants, lavoirs, ghost adverts, entertainments and history.