This is my penultimate blog on the European membership issue so I thought a little summing up would be in order.

Since starting on this exercise I have covered all sorts of issues from things like the supply of pork sausages and bacon to booze cruises to migration to life for expats in France/the EU as a whole and the one I consider to be the most important which is the continued peace in Europe. Some are more important than others but a lot depends on where you are standing. If you are a pig farmer then the cost of bacon might be a high priority.

As I see it there are five broad areas at issue.

  1. Migration…. my view is that we need people from other countries to do the jobs we either cannot  supply ourselves or are not willing to do ourselves. Better control and distribution of migrants would be good but lets look at them as an asset not a burden.
  2. The economic argument….Trade/Jobs, inward investment into GB, balance of payments.
  3. Maintaining peace in Europe;  This is the first time in recorded history that there has not been any wars between the EU members since the formation of the EEC.
  4. Personal issues. Things like how much alcohol you can bring back from France, living/working in Europe, the cost of airfares, health insurance.
  5. Sovereignty, I have covered many issues on this one… most of the ‘important’ areas of government are controlled by Westminster, not the EU. Defence, NHS, Education, Taxation, Welfare and pensions and others. The EU has a big influence on environment and workers rights, but that is probably for the best.