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With a blog name like Poitou-Charentes I have addressed the French community in general, but of course there are many brits living in other European countries.Spain_travel_guide_-_10th_edition142753

According to the United Nations Population Division, the number of British people living in the EU is 1.2 million. (The largest communities are in Spain – 309,000, Ireland – 255,000, France – 185,000 and Germany – 103,000.

British expatriates may have to stop living abroad in European countries like France and Spain if Britain leaves the European Union, the Government has suggested. Europe Minister David Lidington warned over the weekend that a British exit would see “everything we take for granted about access to the single market” in question, including “the right of British citizens to go and live in Spain or France”.

This is a post from a blog by Spanish rosie…  Do have  a look at her blog which covers all sorts of things Spanish and living in Europe and only briefly refers to the referendum and politics. It is entitled….

How will UK cope with return of all expats if UK leaves EU

There is a referendum on the 23rd June to decide whether the UK should stay in the EU or not. Lots of people have views as to whether the UK should stay or walk away. Many, in both camps, are very valid.

I write this as one of 1.2 million expats living in Europe. No one at the moment can answer questions as to what will happen to us if the UK leaves the EU. Rumours abound. The worse possible scenario is that these expats will have to return to the UK. As a result of that consider this. The population of the UK will increase by 1.2 million overnight, more or less. Can the UK cope with this sudden population increase? Then think of the following. All these people will need housing. All of these people are entitled to NHS healthcare. Many in their sixties & over will be entitled to pensions & winter fuel allowance. Others will be entitled to benefits of some kind. Many will be of working age & wanting work. Some will want school places for their children. The NHS is already being pushed to its limits & many schools already have classes that are too large with teachers leaving.

Please tell me how, if the UK leaves the EU & the worst happens, the UK will cope with a population increase of 1.2 expats PLUS all the foreign migrants that will enter the UK from Calais……..

Me? I want to stay here in Spain. This is my dream home; my life home. I don´t want to be forced back to the UK if the worst happens.

Why did we move to Spain? We have a long list of reasons but the top two have to be that everything is so expensive & the high taxation. Here we don´t pay community charge, water rates or for a TV license. My car tax is €57 per year. Two large coffees cost us €2.60 (total). Last time I was in UK I paid around£4.90! Our favourite bottle of wine here costs €3.70 but I saw the same in Sainsburys on our last UK visit for £9.70. A three course meal with wine costs €10.

I live in a rural farming community far from the preverbal madding crowd. There are only about a hundred people in my village. We don´t have access to public transport. There isn´t a bar. We do have a Cooperativa which deals basically in farming stuffs. They carry a very basic comestible stock which is useful. Anything more than that we have to go into Trevias which is a fifteen minute drive from us. It´s a very small town but a hub of activity. There is a plethora of bars, as well as a small supermarket, bakers, butchers etc. It´s much as English towns used to be. The bars are always busy as everyone gathers in them to catch the news & gossip. We don´t pay for parking. You park where & how you like. If you just want to pop in a shop for a couple of minutes it´s quite normal to double park!

I know my neighbours. I can go to anyone for help & it´ll be freely given. There are invitations to pop in for coffee, wine or beer. If you call on anyone & they are having a meal they´ll get a spare plate & share……. Hospitality is second to none.

Then there is the free food. During the relative seasons everyone gathers chestnuts, figs, blackberries, walnuts & mushrooms from along the public caminos. Most people have lemon trees & share their excess fruit.

Do I want to go back to the UK to live? NO. Does the UK want 1.2 million expats back living in the UK? I think the answer to that question is also NO. Think before you vote to leave the EU!!!!!

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