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Today is the 10th of June, in 1944 on Saturday 10th of June a most terrible event took place in a little French town in the department of Haut Vienne. I had originally intended to use this as my final post about the EU referendum, but decided to post it on the 12th June as that was the day this all happened.Oradour sur Glane116

I went there on the 10th of May this year to take photos, it was not a good experience. I had visited once before but had declined to photograph it out of respect. However this time I had a purpose.

I will not lecture you about the rights and wrongs the ifs and maybes, the photos speak for themselves. I took over 300 photos and here are some of them…. There are quite a lot but please try to work your way through them… it will not take that long. They are presented in the same order as I took them.

You can control the speed of the photos by using the forward arrow, then if you want to stop on any particular photo and dwell on its magnitude you can.

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I bought a book about what happened and it is even more harrowing than just looking at the village…. One thing I will pass on to you is that when you see bed steads and bicycles and prams in odd distorted shapes it is not caused by the passage of time but by the blasts from grenades and bullets and the heat of the fires burning in the houses of the people of Oradour on that day in 1944…….

My main reason for voting to stay in the EU is to try an prevent something like this ever happening again.