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The East Anglian Field Study Centre

I have been involved with ecology all my life, having set up and run a Field study center in Norfolk, and now being the proud owner of a small area of woodland in Monmouthshire.

I am therefore as you would suspect  particularly interested in the actions the EU takes to protect our environment.




The EU has a six point plan to maintain and improve biodiversity.

Protect species and habitats

By 2020, to have undertaken the assessments of species and habitats protected by EU nature law and to show better conservation or a secure status for 100 % more habitats and 50 % more species.

Maintain and restore ecosystems

By 2020, ecosystems and their services are to be maintained and enhanced by establishing green infrastructure and restoring at least 15 % of degraded ecosystems.

Achieve more sustainable agriculture and forestry

By 2020, the conservation of species and habitats depending on or affected by agriculture and forestry, and the provision of their ecosystem services show measurable improvements

Make fishing more sustainable and seas healthier

By 2015, to make fishing sustainable. By 2020, fish stocks are healthy and European seas healthier. Fishing has no significant adverse impacts on species and ecosystems.

Combat invasive alien species

By 2020, invasive alien species are identified, priority species controlled or eradicated, and pathways managed to prevent new invasive species from disrupting European biodiversity

Help stop the loss of global biodiversity

By 2020, the EU will have stepped up its contribution to avert global biodiversity loss.

If you would like more information on the role the EU plays in the environment then a good starting point would be to visit their site on Biological Diversity, this will lead you into a wealth of information, from which you will be able to ascertain their involvement and commitment.

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