June 2016

Notes en Vert at Perigny 10th to 12th June (More)

Batailles&Destinées_Affiche%204x3Spectacles nocturnes Coeurs en Bataille; Nouaille-Maupetuis: 3rd and 4th June (more) Don’t forget your glasses.





500 Ferraris contre le cancer: Val de Vienne, Le Vigeant:  2nd 3rd 4th and 5th June (more)

Half Marathon; Niort: 12th June (more)

Highland Games; Bressuire: Probably 11th and 12th June (more)

Polychromies de Notre Dame le Grand; Poitiers: starts 21st June then every night till 21st Sept. (more)

Festival de Melle; Melle 16th May to 6th June 2016 (more)

L’escargouille (snail farm)The common Garden Snail

open day; Blanzay: (around the 15th June ) (more) Rather like the occupants, the owners are rather slow in updating their web site!




Maraisthon; Coulon: 19th June (more)

Fete de la Music; A one day event across Poitou-Charente, indeed all France check web site for what is on near you; 21st June (more)

La Journee Medieval ‘La Rancon du Roi: Nouaille-Mauperuis: Last Sunday in June(more)

Vintage Cars Grand Prix ; Bressuire: 25th and 26th June (more)

Free Music festival; Montendre: 24th and 25th June (more)

Marche sur L’Eau; Le Vanneau-Irleau: It just says ‘the end of June’ (more)