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The future for British politics if we vote to leave the EU will probably be a big step to the right. Not only rocky, but a  real horror show.gallery-1444245508-msdroho-fe021-h


At some time before the next election there will be a change in the leadership of the conservative party. Now if the Brexit camp were to win the referendum then the new leader would almost certainly come from that camp. Boris Johnson is the bookies favourite and of all of them he would possibly  be the least right wing, although one has to question his judgement sometimes. Whether it is him or Michael Gove who succeeded as party leader and Prime Minister , we can be pretty confident that the majority of the cabinet posts would be filled with the MP’s who had campaigned successfully for taking us out of Europe and for some reason these MPs also tend to be on the right wing of the party..

Consider now to  will happen to UKIP.. After all if the vote is out then their ‘raison d’etre’ will cease to exist. Given that a lot of politicians are not in it simply  to serve the public but also to serve their own ego, I can’t see Farrage packing his bags and going home to wife and garden and a quiet pint down at the local. He might well argue that he has a role as UKIP leader whilst the exit negotiations are taking place, to make sure we don’t  ‘sell out’ to Europe and enter into any deals that would allow migrants into fortress Britain. These negotiations will take at least 2 years and quite possibly  5 or even more so he could hang on for some years. However sooner or later we would leave the EU with whatever deals we manage to cobble together, then surely UKIP’s role will cease to exist. At that point, or possibly earlier, their politicians and supporters would need to seek a new home. Would they join the  Conservatives who will at this stage in my view have moved to the right or could there be a resurgence of a British National Party?

In the unlikely event that we did land up with an agreement which led to our borders being closed and the flow of EU migrants ceased who would those who have attributed all the country’s problems to that influx blame if life in Britain was still less than perfect? Would the finger then be pointed at any non white Anglo Saxon Protestant?? And what to do about them  – persuade them to return to their ‘ country of origin’ or restrict their entitlements as suggested by Enoch Powell and others many years ago?.

This situation could result somewhere down the line in a country governed by right wing Tories and ex UKIP members, a country which is in decline and looking for excuses and scapegoats.. The slope could be slippery and steep and it is not a risk worth taking. This situation has in the past lead to some very unsavoury and extreme solutions.

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