There has been talk of a second referendum, former Tory leader Michael Howard is the  most politically hefty – “leaver” to claim a second deal and referendum would be possible.  NO chance.Euro flags

Mr Howard said a no vote would “shake EU leaders out of their complacency”. In the frenzied panic that would follow a vote to leave, his argument goes, EU leaders would have to come up with a better deal in their desperation to keep the UK in the club.

Boris also seemed to think this was a possibility but then quickly backed off.

No I am not talking about a second referendum as a result of a vote to leave, that is a bit far-fetched.

Lets consider what will happen if we vote to stay in. The polls suggest that which ever way the vote goes it is going to be very close. This will mean that the Brexit camp will be quite pissed off that they lost by just 1% or 3%. So they are not likely to roll over and never say another word about leaving.

Some of the luke warms like Theresa May, will no doubt take the politically expedient view and shut up. Even Boris may decide to put career before Europe, but some like Farrage, Gove, Fox and Grayling will want to battle on.

The Scottish referendum was a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ ….hmm How long did that last? It’s a very short life time.

So voting to stay in Europe does not mean staying in for ever. A second referendum will always be a possibility. No one knows what the future will bring, I think staying in is a good idea but I cannot state categorically that we will definitely be better off in Europe for ever and a day.


Fannie Mae offices

This is not a good time to leave, the world is in a bad way economically we have still not recovered from the excesses of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack ( sound like a rum pair) OK I know they are not people but organisations. That’s their headquarters.

If you are uncertain about whether to vote in or out then an option would be to vote to stay in now, and then see how things European develop and possibly vote to leave in 10 years time if it does not work out. Also most Brexiters reckon this is a move for the long-term, even they do not claim life would be a bed of roses immediately after we leave. Possibly 10 years of sh1t.   So if you are approaching the greyer years of your life, then why condemn yourself to a difficult time for perhaps half of your time left on this earth….. getting morbid.

But if the vote is to stay in do not be surprised if within a month/year some politicians will already be calling for a second referendum.

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